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Default Herbicides

This thread is meant to be general information about herbicides commonly used to establish and maintain food plots, NWSG and tree plantings.

It contains a list that we can add too if anyone comes up with alternatives which may work better/cheaper etc.

Some herbicides are listed as RUP (restricted use pesticides) which means you must have a pesticide applicators license to purchase (not necessarily to apply them).

The most common RUP is Atrazine, which is restricted federally nationwide, while others such as Oust are restricted in just a few states. In this case, Oust could be purchased or shipped to another state to by pass the restriction.

Herbicides may kill systematically or by residual actions and may need to be applied pre-emergence, post emergence or to growing plants.

In all cases, it is critical to read the labels thoroughly before applying them. All herbicide labels are available on-line and failure to understand what your using could end up in a costly disaster!

This link will give you a rough idea of cost per gallon although often generics are much cheaper. Just make sure it is the same percentage of active ingredient.

CDMS - Labels and MSDS is a quick source for all herbicide labels.

Approximate Herbicide Pricing - 2006

2006 North Dakota Weed Control Guide lists most herbicides and suggested rates per acre.

2007 North Dakota Weed Control Guide if you can't find it can't be found!

2008 North Dakota Weed Control Guide

Crop Smart carries a full line of very reasonable generics herbicides and Jim will ship so check for the exact product you need and then give Jim a call to compare prices + shipping against local sources.

Jim Bolding 919-462-1375 Crop Smart LLC

Crop Smart has all types of generic herbicides including clethodim for $89 shipped
Keystone Pest Solutions carries many herbicides that a plotter would need and some in smaller quantities making it more affordable as well as online ordering. Shipping can be pricey however.

Keystone Pest Solutions

Farm Chemical Suppliers is another good source for herbicides.

Farm Chemical Suppliers

Some herbicides are classified as Restricted Use Pesticides requiring an applicators license to purchase and apply these chemicals. This list changes and varies state to state but here is a list from the EPA:

Pesticide Registration Status

Iowa Study Guide for a RUP applicator license

Search for Iowa applicators

Application for private pesticide license

Look up restrictions in Iowa here:

Iowa Pesticide Bureau

Accent is approved for corn and switchgrass primarily for controlling annual grasses but it quite expensive.

Accent Label
Accent Source

Aatrex 4L (Atrazine) is a RUP herbicide used primarily on corn, sorghum, switchgrass and in some cases conifers. It is a residual herbicide providing season long control if applied correctly.


AAtrex Label

Arrest herbicide is the exact same product as a much higher price.


Arrest herbicide Label

Arrow (generic version of select 2 EC) 26.4% clethodim grass selective herbicicde

Arrow 2EC label(generic version of Select grass herbicide)

Source for generic Clethodim (Good price if you need an online source)

Arsenal - for use on conifers only and expensive at $500+ for a 2 1/2 gall jug

Arsenal Label

Arsenal Source

Assure is a grass herbicide approved for beans, peas and beets

Assure II

Authority 480 is a pre-emergence herbicide for use in controlling broadleaves in peas and soybeans.

Authority 480

Authority 480 label

2,4-D Amine is a broadleaf herbicide which can be applied to most grasses from switchgrass to corn. DO NOT apply to crops such as clover, soybeans or peas.

2-4D Amine

2,4-D Ester

2,4-D Ester

Brawl (generic version of Dual II Magnum - S-Metolachlor) for use on corn, soybeans, sunflowers and concep treated sourghum

Brawl Label

Butyrac 200 2,4-DB is safe to apply to clover, alfalfa and soybeans for broadleaf control.

Butyrac 200

Butyrac 200 online source

Butyrac 200 (2,4-DB) 2L 1 - 3 qt

Mode of action: growth regulator.
Apply to alfalfa only in spring or fall when weeds are no more than 2 to 3 inches tall, or when rosettes are no more than 2 inches across and not bolting. Weeds that emerge in the fall and overwinter in the rosette stage (mustards, field pennycress) may be more easily controlled in late fall than in spring.
Apply 1 to 2 quarts/A when weeds are less than 1 inch tall, and 2 to 3 quarts when weeds are 1 to 3 inches tall. Use the 3-quart rate for smartweed or curly dock.
Butyrac can be tank-mixed with Poast Plus or Select 2EC for control of a mixed population of grass and broadleaf weeds.
Do not harvest or graze for 30 days following application.
Basagran is a post/contact broadleaf herbicide safe for use on corn, sorghum, soybeans and peas and will control tough weeds like nutsedge.


Cadet is a post emergence broadleaf herbicide safe for both corn and soybeans and cost only $5.00 and acre!

Video on Cadet

Cadet Label

Cadet Tech Sheet

Cadet - Tank mixed with a glyphosate or other postemergence broadleaf herbicides– 0.4 to 0.5 oz/A
Used alone or with postemergence grass herbicides – 0.6 to 0.9 oz/A
Corn – Apply from 2-leaf up to 48-inches tall
Soybeans – Apply from 1-trifoliate through full flowering
Callisto is a post emergent herbicide safe in corn and sorghum

Callisto Label

Cinch is a generic version of Dual Magnum II (S-metolachlor)For weed control in corn, cotton, peanuts, pod crops,
potatoes, safflowers, grain or forage sorghum and

Weeds Controlled
barnyardgrass (watergrass)
bristly foxtail
common waterhemp
Eastern black nightshade
fall panicum
Florida pusley
foxtail millet
giant foxtail
green foxtail
prairie cupgrass
red rice
robust foxtails (purple,
signalgrass (Brachiaria)
southwestern cupgrass
tall waterhemp
wild proso millet*
woolly cupgrass*
yellow foxtail
yellow nutsedge
DuPont™ Cinch®

Clethodim 2EC 26.4% clethodim grass selective herbcide safe to kill grasses in almost all broadleaves when used with crop oil.

Clethodim (active in Select)

Rural King - Clethodim source

Crossbow® herbicide (triclopyr + 2,4-D ester) is a postemergent product that targets woody plants and brush – such as blackberries and poison oak – as well as annual and perennial broadleaves, while leaving grasses unharmed.

Crossbow® herbicide label

Drive® XLR8 (quinclorac) same as Paramount and safe foe foxtail control in switchgrass and big bluestem

Drive® XLR8

Drive 75 source - quinclorac

Dual II Magnum (S-metolachlor) is a residual action herbicide that will help control weeds such as foxtail in corn, soybeans and pod crops. PREPLANT INCORPORATED OR PREEMERGENCE SURFACE-APPLIED

DUAL II Magnum herbicide provides selective weed control in:
Corn * (hybrid, silage, seed, sweet)
Dry common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Snap common beans (yellow and green)
Lima beans
Sugar beets
Transplanted tomatoes
Sweet white lupins
Peas (grown for processing)
Fruit trees (bearing and non-bearing)
Second-year or older poplar stoolbeds
Second-year or older transplant or seedling stock of:
White Spruce, Norway Spruce, Black Spruce, White Pine, Jack Pine and Red Pine
Transplanted broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower
Newly planted strawberries
Dual can also be used on sorghum seed that has been "safened" making this an excellent herbicide for a milo/soybean planting or a corn/soybean planting.


Dual II MAGNUM Label

Dual II MAGNUM Label includes brassicas

There are generic versions but they are NOT all created equal, so be aware and perhaps read this link before you purchase.

Are all metolachlor products created equal?

Dual Magnum II and Cinch conatin S-metolachlor while Me-Too-Lachlor II contains ONLY metolachlor and may require higher rates, so understand all of this before you make your purchase.

Generic metolachlor Source

Concep Seed Safner

Extreme Herbicide is used on RR soybeans only. It contains glyphosate and Pursuit® herbicide for residual control.

Exteme Label

Finale is a non-selective herbicide for directed spraying around trees and shrubs.


Fusilade II is used for weed control in tree plantings


Fusilade Label

Fusilade Source

Fusion is a post emergence herbicide for soybeans and cotton

Fusion® is a flexible, broad-spectrum, post-emergence soybean herbicide which controls 27 different annual and perennial grass species in soybeans, cotton and rights-of-way.
Fusion Label

Soybeans: Postemergence Herbicides - Contact

Fusion Herbicide

Garlon 4 triclopyr for control of brush and broaldleaf weeds, used for basal bark spraying and spraying cut stumps

Garlon 4 Label

Source Garlon source

Garrison is the generic form of Stinger and provides post emergence control of broadleaves in sugar beets, brassicas, corn and tree plantations.

Garrison Label

Glyphosate (Roundup) is available under many generic labels as a “kills all” herbicide, meant to be applied to actively growing plants. It can be applied to Roundup Ready crops that are genetically altered such as RR corn and soybeans.

Roundup Max

Glyfos Label

Adding ammonium sulfate to Roundup

Glyphosate Formulations

Herbicide Helper

Hi-Yield®GRASS KILLER (same as Poast Herbicide)
Post emergence Grass Herbicide,Active ingredient: Sethoxydim

Another Hi-Yield source

Intensity One is yet another clethodim herbicide such as Select 2-EC and Arrow for post emergence control of grasses in most broadleaf crops.

Impact is a post emergence herbicide safe and effective on corn and controls a long list of both broadleaf and annual grass weeds.

Impact Label

More about Impact

Journey herbicide (imazapic + glyphosate) is commonly used before planting NWSG mixes and in some cases can be used for weed control around tree plantings.

Journey Herbicide

Journey Label

Kerb 50W is a RUP for weed control in tree plantings

Kerb 50W

Milestone herbicide provides superior control of many noxious and invasive weed species, including biennial and perennial thistles, knapweeds and yellow starthistle in native grass and range grasses. Use at 4-7 oz's per acre for thistle control in prairie grasses.

Check the label before applying to CP-33 natives mixes containing forbs. Milestone is NOT safe for legumes and broadleaves but will control most types of thistles.

Me-Too-Lachlor II generic metolachlor that is not equal to Dual Magnum II but much less expensive.

Me-Too-Lachlor II

Are all metolachlor products created equal?

Generic metolachlor Source

Milestone® herbicide Active Ingredient: aminopyralid provides control of tough thistle problems

Milestone Tech sheet

Milestone Label

Ornamec is an over the top grass control safe for most conifers, shrubs and trees..over 500 species!

Ornamec over the top herbicide

Ornamec Source

Oust is no longer a RUP in Iowa and is one of the premier herbicides for controlling weeds in tree plantings. Jef Hodges of TRM will sell it in small quantities of 2 or more ounces. Email:

I have also found this herbicide to be safe and effective for switchgrass and big blustem as well.


Oust Label

Oust Extra label

Oust Source

Oust Extra Source

The generic version of Oust is Spyder and offered by Keystone Spyder Herbicide labeled for use on field corn, popcorn, seed corn, sweet corn, garlic, dry beans, peanuts, sorghum, soybeans, perennial grasses grown for seed, sugar beets, dry bulb onions, dry bulb shallots, horseradish and potatoes and tree seedlings.

Outlook Herbicide

Outlook Labels

Paramount (quinclorac) is approved for a number of NWSG's such as switchgrass and Big Bluestem but check the label to be certain.

Paramount Label

Generic online source of quinclorac

Panoramic 2SL contains the active ingredient imazapic and is the generic equivalence of Plateau used for weed/grass control in establishing native grass and forbs.


Panoramic 2SL Source

Panoramic - 1 Quart

Pendulum® Herbicide

Pendulum® 2G herbicide is one of the most economical preventive weed control options in the ornamental nursery industry, controlling a wide range of weed species – more than 40 grassy and broadleaf weeds – at a low cost-per-acre price. Over 335 ornamental species are listed on the label

Pendulum 3.3 EC 2.5 gal Source

Pendulum 3.3 EC Source

Pendulum Label

Plateau (imazapic) is commonly used on mixed NWSG and forbs and has both contact and residual control.

Plateau Label

Poast Plus (Sethoxydim) is used to control grasses in alfalfa and clover as well as brassicas, peas, soybeans and most trees, however we have found that Select or Arrow (Clethodim) to be more effective then Poast for controlling grasses.

BASF markets both Poast and Poast Plus and got in some trouble for deceptive marketing

You can buy and use Poast Plus but you can check the Poast label for what it's truely labeled for :roll:

Poast Label

Note: Poast has 18% active ingred. compared to 13% in Poast Plus

This link has a more complete list of what Poast will kill and what it is safe to use on.

Basf poast herbicide

Sethoxydim label

Poast Plus Label

Poast Plus Source

Poast Plus Ebay source

Pusuit is labled for:

Soybeans, CLEARFIELD® corn, edible legumes, peanuts, dry edible peas, alfalfa, dry succulent peas, lentils, chickpeas, lima beans, snap beans

Pursuit Label

Princep 4L is in the same family as Atrazine but is not a RUP herbicide. It can be used on corn, sorghum and in conjunction with Oust and/or roundup for weed control in new tree plantings. It is also safe for switchgrass however it isn’t nearly as effective.

Princep 4L

Princep Label

Prowl herbicide is approved for a wide range of crops and trees including corn, soybeans and sunflowers and peas. In some cases alfalfa and clover (read label first!!) (Same as Pendulum)

Prowl H2O Label

Prowl 3.3 EC Label

Prowl is reasonably priced at $22-32 per gallon, 2 to 3.5 pints per acre and $8-13 per acre.

Prowl H2O Herbicide - 2.5 Gallon Source

Raptor herbicide is used for alfalfa, clover, chicory, beans and peas. It is very expensive per gallon but not per acre.

$550 a gallon but only 4 oz per acre, use surfactant and AMS with it.

Quinclorac 75DF Same as Paramount and Drive 75 DF

Q4 - quinclorac herbicide label

Raptor Label

Relgate Triclopyr is the same as remedy herbicide for killing brushy type shrubs and small trees, same as Garlon and Remedy


Relegate source

Remedy EC Herbicide Triclopyr is a systemic, foliar herbicide in the pyridine group. It is used to control broadleaf weeds/trees while leaving grasses and conifers unaffected is recommended for the control of undesirable woody plants and annual and perennial broadleaved weeds on pastures and range-lands. Remedy is the same as Garlon 4

Remedy* Herbicide Label

Remedy Source

Remedy Source

Roundup is a non-selective herbicide that will kill almost any growing plant with the exception of Roundup Ready Crops but in light applications it can also be used effectively on many clovers and alfalfa's

Roundup 41% Glyphosate Label

CropSmart 41% Generic Glyphosate

The following is guidlines for adding AMS to glyphosate:

Ammonium Sulfate

The addition of 1 to 2 percent dry ammonium sulfate by weight or 8.5 to 17 pounds per 100 gallons of water may increase the performance of this product, particularly when tank mixed with certain residual herbicides on annual and perennial weeds. The equivalent rate of ammonium sulfate in a liquid formulation may also be used. Ensure that ammonium sulfate is completely dissolved in the spray tank before adding herbicides. Thoroughly rinse the spray system with clean
water after use to reduce corrosion.

NOTE: When using ammonium sulfate, apply this product at rates recommended in this label. Lower rates will result in reduced performance
SedgeHammer is a herbicide for killing nutsedge in many turf grasses.


SedgeHammer Label

Select 2 EC herbicide is used for control of grasses in alfalfa and clover. 4-8 oz. per acre costing $5-15 an acre.

Select (26.4% clethodim) must be used with crop oil and can also be used in soybeans, field peas, brassicas, sugar beets, sunflowers and a whole host of "non grass" type plants. Read the label carefully but this highly effective grass herbicide has many uses from your garden to your food plot.

As noted below it has proven to be perhaps more effective on difficult grasses then other grass herbicides such as Poast and Poast Plus. Currently a gallon runs somewhere between $125 to $140 and does not require a restricted use license to apply.

Clethodim is a ACCase mode of action herbicide, similar to Assure II, Fusilade, and Poast. However, in NDSU research clethodim controls many grasses documented resistant to other ACCase herbicides. It is recommended that clethodim be used in rotation with herbicides of different modes of action and in a resistant weed management program.

Several generic brands of clethodim are available but not all formulations are identical to the original Select formulation. Select, Clethodim, Trigger and Volunteer are the same but Arrow, Prism, Section, and Select Max all have different formulations. Select Max is a 1 lb/gal formulation, contains activating adjuvants in the formulation, and allows use of NIS, PO, or MSO depending on tank-mix partner.

Stealth...(same as Prowl H2O) Stealth is a pre-emergent soil applied herbicide for residual control of tough annual grasses and small seeded broadleaf weeds. Stealth has excellent crop safety and is labeled for use on over 30 crops.

Stealth Label

*** 2008 ND Weed Guide***
Select Max™ Herbicide

Clethodim (active in Select)

Volunteer (generic version of Select)

Arrow (generic version of Select grass herbicide)

Sencor can be used on conventional soybeans and peas

SENCOR® 75 Labled crops

SENCOR® 75 DF Peas Label

Slay herbicide (Ammonium salt of imazethapyr) is the same as Pursuit herbicide but Slay is a pricey version marketed to hunters.

Slay Herbicide label

Simazine 4L (Princep 4L) can be used for pre-emergence control of broadleaves in most trees, corn and switchgrass.

Simazine 4L

Spur herbicide is a generic version of Stinger for broadleaf and thistle control in corn, brassicas, prairie grasses and tree plantings.

Spyder is the generic version of Oust and is offered by Keystone Spyder Herbicide

Surflan AS is used primarily for weed control in tree plantings.

Surflan AS

Surflan AS Label

Surflan Source

Another Surflan source

Online Surflan source

Surmount™ herbicide (picloram + fluroxypyr )Superior control of encroaching brush with residual control of broadleaf weeds
Excellent control of horsenettle, thistles, pricklypear, blackberry, honey locust, Chinese tallowtree, huisache

Surmount™ herbicide label

Stinger herbicide provides superior control of Canada thistle in sugarbeets, corn and other crops. And, unlike other herbicides, it can significantly reduce thistle populations the next season.

It will control many types of broadleaves in prairie plantings and tree plantings as well. Spur is a generic version.

Stinger Label is used on beets and brassicas. Stinger is $135.00 qrt. or $235.00 1/2 gallon.

Stinger herbicide label for brassicas

Synchrony - •
SYNCHRONY® XP provides selective PRE, PPI,
Burndown, and POST weed control in soybeans. Use
rates depend on weed size, weed spectrum, and desired
residual control.
Note: SYNCHRONY® XP has also been safely used on peas


Thunder is a pre and pst emergence herbicide for weed/grass control in alfalfa, and most bean and pea crops and can also be used on a wide range of native grasses (see label)

Thunder Label

Treflan is a pre-emergence herbicide that works best when incorporated.

Common crops are soybeans and alfalfa seedings but include other possibles such as brassicas. Till Treflan in very lightly to incorporate it before planting.

At $25 agallon it is a fairly low cost herbicide.

Treflan label

Treflan HFP is labeled for red and alsike clover as well as alfalfa, birdsfoot-trefoil, soybeans, peas and brassicas.

Tordon® 22K specialty herbicide (picloram) Stops tough weeds and shrubs that other methods miss. Tordon 22K specialty herbicide is a Restricted Use Pesticide.

Tordon® 22K label

Valor Soybean herbicide

Valor® XLT Soybean Herbicide

Valor XLT offers the broadest spectrum, longest residual pre-emerge control of tough small and large seeded broadleaves as well as competitive grass performance. Valor XLT even controls glyphosate-resistant weeds including waterhemp, Palmer pigweed, marestail and giant ragweed.
Valor® XLT Soybean Herbicide label

Volunteer 26.4% Clethodim grass selective herbicide

Volunteer (generic version of Select)

Surfactants and Adjuvants - crop oil, AMS, etc. to make your herbicides more effective.

surfactants or adjuvants

Role of spray adjuvants with postemergence herbicides


Effects of Surfactants and Adjuvants on postemergence herbicide


Be sure to use goggles and nitrile gloves when handling herbicides:

Nitrile Gloves

Other general links:

Talk weeds


Managing Weeds in Alfalfa

Weed Control in Pastures with legumes

On line herbicide source

Agriliance Herbicide list

Agri-Star generic herbicide cross ref.

Sprayer Calibration

Calibrating Back Sprayers

Calibrating Field Sprayers

Sprayer Calibration

Weed I.D.

Iowa Noxious Weeds and the Iowa Weed Law

ISU Weed Science Links

ISU Weed Management - great link!

North Dakota Weed Control Guide

Weed Identification

Weed ID Guide

Weed Science

Weed ID pictures

2007 Corn Weed Control Guide

Herbicides for direct tree seeding

Effective Herbicide Use in Christmas Tree Plantations

Mode of action - how herbicides work

Us pre-emergent herbicide with Roundup

Controlling Sedges

Many herbicides come in 2 ½ gallon jugs or in the case of Oust $600 to 700 per container.

Most of us might only need to treat a small acreage or plot so in many cases 2 or more people can split herbicide.

This thread could be a place to post an interest in splitting a particular herbicide, ask questions and offer advice.

If anyone knows of other herbicides that would be useful for others to be aware of please post your ideas and I will add them.

Check Dbltree's Corner for informational threads on crops and trees where these herbicides might be used

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Default Re: Herbicides

Again ...excellent info Paul ... if you are not on the IW payroll you should be ... thanks for the post!
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Default Re: Herbicides

Wow....Paul, once again you have outdone yourself.Very impressive.
Since it may be awhile till this information becomes most useful...I would like for you sticky this thread for awhile so it doesn't get buried.
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Default Re: Herbicides

Great job you are doing.
You really go beyond what is expected of you to help everyone.
Hope you have a Happy New Year.
Superior attitude / Superior mind
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Default Re: Herbicides

Hey there... I believe I could get in on that Poast Plus deal.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ok...but delivery costs extra

I hope to post links to all the different "crops" and the per acre usage of each herbicide and app. costs. I'll check locally on the prices also.

We'll figure on splittin some Poast, Dave.

he said he would never plant 12 inch seedlings if he had it to do over again

[/ QUOTE ]

Skully when it comes to planting trees... size matters but... bigger isn't always better

We'll cover that in the tree planting post but herbicides are very important to survivability and faster growth

Looking to split a 2.5 gallon container of Journey for NWSG. At 32oz/acre half a container would treat 5 acres. The cost for the whole container would be approximately $325 plus shipping.

[/ QUOTE ]

ibohunt65 I'm hoping to get a hold of some Plateau which would be even better then we'll plan on splitting some unless someone else chimes in for some also.
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Default Re: Herbicides

Done deal either way.

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Default Re: Herbicides

Normally you can find most herbicides at your local ag supply but sometimes time constraints make online ordering a better option.

If you only have Saturday to get your clover want to spend it spraying...not shopping!

Here's an excellent online source for many commonly used "foodplot" type herbicides:

Keystone Pest Solutions

I don't know about shipping but the listed prices are not only reasonable but in some cases lower then I can buy them locally.

They also carry crop oil and surfactant which is often required with many herbicides.

Just another option for those who prefer "click click click" buying
The life and times of dbltree Faith, family and foodplots

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Default Re: Herbicides

There's another Glyphosate formulation called Rodeo. It's specifically for use around water and aquatic vegetation.


This is a neat thread. A lot of information. Thanks for posting.
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Default Re: Herbicides

I will have some clover plots and some areas of switch to spray this summer. Can I use 2-4db on both?
I'm not aware of any reason why not...2-4DB is a broadleaf herbicide so shouldn't have any affect on switchgrass or any other grasses....just don't spray it on chicory if you have that in your clover plot and wait til switch has 3-4 leaves before applying.
The life and times of dbltree Faith, family and foodplots

When I get where I'm going...don't cry for me down here

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Default Re: Herbicides

Good rule of thumb is, when mixing for a hand sprayer or atv sprayer, put 2 oz per gallon of water. This will give you a really good dose of round up, equal to about a quart per acre.
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