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    The buck named Carter- 10-03-2019

    Big congrats. Would love the opportunity at a giant like that!
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    Trail cam reader

    Agreed....easiest way right here. Pics on my phone are wayyyyy clearer than any card reader and faster to load.
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    Property lines defined by water

    Look up erosion vs avulsion in boundary surveying books. Avulsion is a violent act of losing ground due to a flood etc. erosion is the gradual loss over time. These will have different outcomes on land transfers. Is this a navigable stream as defined by the state? If navigable, you would own...
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    Bow shop

    I haven’t bought in awhile but am ready to again. Can anyone recommend a full service shop in northern Iowa/southern Mn. I’m not afraid to travel a bit but would like to try a variety as I’m not loyal to any one brand. Thanks in advance.
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    Hunting this wet weekend.. results???

    I was on the road for most of the weekend. From N. Iowa to Des Moines area, then to Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids area, then on to Dubuque, and finally Dubuque back to N. Iowa. I was very surprised only seeing 2 bucks pushing does and 5-6 lone does. Most of the action may be happening in the timber...
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    Lace-up insulated hunting boots

    I’m in the market for a new pair of lace ups. Just curious if anyone has found anything that has beat danner pronghorn’s for an all-around performance. I’m pretty sold on the 800-1200 insulation range. I’d be willing to give another boot a shot but would like to hear from those who have had...
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    New land possible issues

    Yep been there. Make contact. You’ll most likely find these people to have different views of conservation and stewardship as you which will make it extremely difficult. I’ve had talks and some I never see again, while some still try to hang stands on my piecebsome still sneak a walker in...
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    Hunting on "micro-parcels"

    The only farm I bow hunt is my dads 10 acre timber parcel. It is 10 of 77 total in a 1 mile by 2 mile section however. It hunts hard tbh. Always a few 150” deer around but really never see any rut activity whatsoever. There are two homes within 1/4 mile +-, not really hunters but they are...
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    Landowner/tenant question

    My dad owns timber, he is getting up there in age as far as hunting goes. He does not get his L.O. Tag. I am over 21. My question is, can I rent his timber to get a L.O./tenant Tag for myself? I understand that trees/orchards can be considered a specialty crop but we have no plans to...
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    Double bull double wide Q

    Does primos still stand by these and fix them? I have a broken hub and rod and would like to get fixed. And if yes, how are people shipping them? I can't come close to getting it in its original box. Thanks!
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    Someone has to say it

    Go Hawks!!!
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    Scent blocker "outfitter" 3 in 1 jacket (zip out vest/ quiet rain guard shell) 2xl.......$75 like new.
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    Mossy oak/scent lock APX bibs. These are late season, warm bibs. Size xl. Hardly worn, like new......$75
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    GoPro Hero3

    For sale is a GoPro hero3 white edition, 2 batteries, head mount, wall mount/usb charger, instruction book, and any accessories that came in the box. I have a cheap micro sd I will throw in also but would recommend buying a good one. I won this at a company xmas party and only used it twice...
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    Pole saw/Tree trimmer

    X2 on the fiskars
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    Needing new hunting clothes... Any suggestions?

    Sitka is my choice but also have a set of core4 element and for the price.....it's great.
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    Reconyx Microfire - Take My Money Please

    Dang.....I may be in the market as well!
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    How often pulling cards ? Affects mature deer ?

    I got mine out this wk and like others, I'm in the 2 wks to month range when I'll check them. 2 weeks is more when I know I'll be in the area and a month when not.
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    Is your area dry??

    Doing real good in north central/ne part of the state. You can even have some of what we keep getting up here.
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