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    Duck boat lights

    I have been running 2 of these of the link below off of Amazon. One is on our polaris ranger and one on my duck boat. For the price, i dont think you can beat them. I dont need something fancy on my boat that I am going to step on and abuse. Its also small enough I just picked up a 12v small...
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    PSE X Force Vendetta XL

    Updated price. Would like to sell local before she hits Ebay or Archery Talk.
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    PSE X Force Vendetta XL

    Selling my 2010 or 2011 PSE Vendetta. I got a newer one so figured I would sell this one. It will be bare bow even though the pictures show the sight and rest still on it. Nothing wrong with it, eventually could use a new string. Asking $250 or best offer. Located just south of Des Moines.
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    Best Hunting Chair for a blind

    I use office chairs but keep watching for deals on them, I bet i haven't paid more than $3 for the ones I got. For duck hunting I just got the Roger's Toughman Chair without airs. It is really comfortable and somewhat portable. In the end though, office chairs have padding, arms and can be...
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    Reduced recoil turkey

    What gun are you using? When we started with the kids, they used the caldwell field pod to help support the gun. They use a Mossberg youth shotgun with a synthetic stock. I took the recoil pad off and added lead to that to increase the gun weight. This helped with recoil. Also - don't shoot...
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    Metal/Aluminum Fabrication recommendations around DSM

    I am needing some aluminum brackets made for a boat. Ideally they could laser cut the blanks and then press brake them to the angle I need. Does anyone have any recommendations for shops around DSM?
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    Double Bull deluxe blinds at Scheels

    They are $249 at Rogers for anyone that is not close to a Scheels. Then appears you get another $75 off with the mail in rebate if I am looking at it correctly.
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    Kids ATV's

    I shot you a P.M.
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    Kids ATV's

    Yeah I have been watching for used ones atv's, never thought of a small SxS. My kids are 12, 10, 6 so we will have several years of use.
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    Kids ATV's

    Wife and I are looking at getting our kids and ATV or 2. I know you can get the Chinese knock-offs pretty reasonable but just don't know if the quality is there but I am also not wild about buying kids a ATV that is more expensive than mine. Anyone have any input?
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    Lots of GPS research with little clarity

    I have a Garmin GPS, and use Garmin BaseCamp and Google Earth. I can keep track of tracks and waypoints on the GPS then upload them to Basecamp and Google Earth. It seems like its never as easy as it should be but once everything gets synced up its nice, of course I don't use it all the time...
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    “Bigger October cape wanted” or later....

    I just sent you a PM....I think. I have not sent a message with this new format.
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    Truck Rental

    I know co-workers that have gotten pickups from Hertz, there are a few locations around Des Moines. I would call them or one of the other big car rental companies and confirm you can get a truck. Just going to be a little spendy though for the week.
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    Truck Rental

    Are you traveling through Des Moines on the way? They will have more selection, I would think.
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    Traveling Through Iowa

    They put a "new" hotel in not long ago. Its a Fairfield INN and Suites in Altoona (Suburb on the east side of Des Moines). There is a Johnny's Steak House that is close by and also Bass Pro Shops. Casino is right down the road also. Its pretty easy getting in and out of also.
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    Man that sucks. I got screwed on a $150 dollar waterfowl guide down in Northern Missouri about 12years ago and I still haven't let that go. So I cannot imagine what you are feeling.
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    Youth gun

    We have a mossberg bantam 20g with the rifled barrel and bird barrel. Being light, it kicks like mule on slugs. I ended up weighting down the stock with lead to lessen the recoil and we shoot off a Caldwell field pod. We have since got a T/C Impact, its alot nicer for recoil and shoots good...
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    Cleaning out the garage

    I am cleaning out the garage of some things that I am just not using. I have 2 extra lone wolf sticks for sale - SOLD Also have a Hawk Helium 2020 treestand for sale, I have used it probably 2 or 3 times total. I have the cushion. - SOLD Avian X Strutter – It’s been out of the box, and...
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    Homemade Hay Bale Blinds

    I just bought hinges and welded them to the panels of the door and the frame just like Soil did. For my windows I welded 3 nuts together and made my own hinges. They were big enough for the panel wire to fit in. So I just made my window openings and spaced the nuts far enough apart that you...
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    Homemade Hay Bale Blinds

    When I built mine, i used thick black plastic, then covered that with tarps, then covered that will the erosion matting. I got double matted erosion matting from Quick Supply up in Johnston. Another place that carries erosion matting is Site One Landscape in West Des Moines. I used about a...
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