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  1. JakeVBC

    Interesting camera pics!

    More pics with/ without- back to back days.
  2. JakeVBC

    Interesting camera pics!

    We noticed this young buck show up on our camera 2-3 days ago, hadn't seen him all Summer/Fall. Noticed there's an arrow in his head! Must have been from last year or at least late Spring/early Summer (someone shooting at him illegally?) as it shows in his deformed antler growth on that side...
  3. JakeVBC

    Pictures "near" the stand.

  4. JakeVBC

    Honest concern with Youth Hunter bucks shot…

    My son hunts first season with uncles and grandpa- always has. He loves it when everyone is hunting.
  5. JakeVBC


    Good rain, I'd guess around an inch Saturday (9/12) afternoon in Van Buren Co.
  6. JakeVBC

    Buck fever has officially began 2023

    Hard to get anything done at work this morning when I woke up to seeing this this morning! Hope everyone is starting to feel the same! October can't come soon enough.
  7. JakeVBC

    What has hunting become???

    Time in the woods is what it's all about for me. Stories with family and friends a close second. One of the reasons I decided to buy a Banks blind last year was on those weekends away from home and work and the weather is nasty one of the days, it gives me more time than I probably would have...
  8. JakeVBC

    Bow blinds

    I really like my Banks Stump 4's now that I have hunted out of them for a year. I got a nice 9 pt with bow and my brother just got his first bow gobbler a few weeks ago out of them. Plenty of room and have been quiet. No leaks or bugs getting in either. Might not fit your budget... we got...
  9. JakeVBC

    Opening hour bird

    Congrats young man! One heck of a proud dad moment.
  10. JakeVBC

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has had a wonderful season so far.
  11. JakeVBC

    Hunting blinds?

    We have two Banks Stump 4's and love them.
  12. JakeVBC

    11/20/22 buck

    Monster buck! Congrats
  13. JakeVBC

    2022 IA public land 8 point

    Beauty! Congrats- that's a super 8 point for sure! God was tired of hearing from you so he sent him by ;)
  14. JakeVBC

    2022 buck

    Great buck, love the mass! Congrats
  15. JakeVBC

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Had a good amount of pics last two days of mature bucks cruising. If I had a tag I'd be out- if you can stand this cold!
  16. JakeVBC

    Wolf in Northern Iowa??

    Yes, I was able to see that one in person and get some pics with it. I believe it was over towards Milton. (This pic was from Jan. 2016- not sure exactly when shot)
  17. JakeVBC

    Alex's 1st archery deer

    Congrats young man!!
  18. JakeVBC

    Veterans Day Same Tree Back to Back

  19. JakeVBC

    Veteran’s Day Buck

    Thanks guys. It’s been great seeing everyone’s harvests and reports on movement. This is a fun place to read and get info from all over the state.
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