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  1. ReinertsonTaxidermy


    I wasted my time yesterday and found these in 1 hour too.
  2. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    This Deer Looks Familiar…

    Being part of this was special, had him full body skinned and the meat donated within 24 hours of the kill. Already have him tanned for a full body mount. Thanks to the Sligh family for trusting me with their trophies!
  3. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Euro Mounts

    I charge 125 for a nice clean white (smell free) euro. It’s all about what your time is worth messing with it. It’s a long and gross job to make them look nice and clean.
  4. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Murder mystery!

    I’ve gotten in 3 that would have been dead anyway in the next few hours. All from fighting. One guy stalked on a 180 and realized he was screwed and shot him barely standing at 10 yards. His whole brain cavity looked like pistachio pudding, gross skin job!
  5. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Another Sligh mount

    Buckzilla for Jordan Sligh. This would have been ready in May, but due to supply chain issues the base just arrived. A cool contemporary base that most wives would let in the living room.
  6. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    I was lucky to share in the celebration today. What an animal, I’d say he was full grownhad a scale that goes up to 250lbs and he maxed it out right away.
  7. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    What broadheads you use?

    Since I switched to grim reapers in 2019 I’ve seen every deer go down. Even if you miss the pocket by a bit they leave a hole like you shot it with a tennis ball.
  8. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2021: Strange deer year to date: My observations

    I’ll just say this only 5 days into the bow season. I’ve gotten more big bucks to mount this year than the past 5 years. Folks just don’t online share like they used to..
  9. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Learning never ends!!! Hickory nuts!!!

    I have a hickory tree in my drive and they have been standing on the gravel eating them every day. Been this way early October for the past 8 years I’ve lived here
  10. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Skip's bow buck

    It’s an OTS wall pedestal that I altered. I chop up most forms to give the customer a unique pose.
  11. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Skip's bow buck

    What an animal..
  12. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2021-2022 Taxidermy pricelist

    There will be a discount for IW members a bigger one for PMA members. Also happy to be doing a free mount again this year for the big buck contest!
  13. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2021-2022 Taxidermy pricelist

    *Youth special* shoulder mount guaranteed to be ready Christmas morning 10% military discount Come by the shop anytime or see my FB page to check out my work so you know the quality you will receive for your trophy. https://www.facebook.com/ReinertsonCustomTaxidermy
  14. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Free stocking panfish in SE Iowa

    I'm located just outside of Columbus Junction. If any IW member has a pond that needs stocked come get them. Bluegill and red ear sunfish. Use a trap or catch one every cast. Perfect stocking size.
  15. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Youth Hunter Tactics, goals, ideas, etc???

    Totally agree about the slammers Skip. There will be some giants shot by kids who have no idea, just so god forbid a neighbor doesn’t get him instead. Using a child to kill a buck you want at its most killable time is lame.
  16. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Hawk 18' Sasquatch 2 man ladder stand

    This is back for sale, perfect for taking a youth hunter. This stand is huge! $300 pick up in Columbus Junction
  17. ReinertsonTaxidermy


    Just playing devils advocate here. I agree 100% with Skip. The amount of hunters who really care about shooting older giant bucks is smaller than we think. The majority of people who hunt do it to fill freezer, spend time with family/friends, and have a good time. A big rack is “cool” to...
  18. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Mount Hanging - “Full Range Hanging Systems”

    For the right mounts in the right spot they are ok. Flatback mounts don't look as good using this system in my opinion.
  19. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Taxidermy crappie question

    1.5” is a Lot of shrinkage on a skin mount.
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