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    Honest concern with Youth Hunter bucks shot…

    I have two boys- 20 & 16. The 20 year old never was able to youth hunt much on a good farm due to us not owning one when he was of age- the 16 year old was more fortunate & has hunted 3-4 youth seasons. The older is much more appreciative of hunting in general & the whole idea of hunting &...
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    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    Yep! The border is a disaster- google some myorkas hearings. What a complete incompetent director of Homeland security. The App he ok’d so illegals could schedule times to cross a check- point & enter the country is embarrassing.
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    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    On the Gun aspect- I don’t think the dems will ever sit down & talk about it. They don’t actually want the problem fixed. It’s way too easy when there’s a shooting to blame the right vs. coming up with a solution. They simply do not want this issue fixed. It’s a platform they use to get...
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    CWD thoughts……

    I am right in the area in Mercer & had corn piles & sharp shooters on 2 neighbors properties- ( one deer tested positive & no others with all the testing they have done from the sharp shooters) I totally noticed the steady decline of older & mature deer in the last 3-4 years. I also found a...
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    Long Youth Season ends in success for Charlie!!!

    Very nice! Congratulations!!
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    The main reason is because a lot of these hunters have had no experience with great mature deer and high numbers. They have never seen good hunting. This is what they are used to & they feel they need to shoot the first deer they see cuz it may be the last and typically that is a small buck...
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