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  1. HawkeyeStateHogs

    1 Buck state In iowa??

    I voted yes because Iowa's deer population is heading in the wrong direction and I'm for anything that would help. I'm a landowner and rarely buy 3 tags. I buy an archery and shotgun tag, usually don't fill both, sometimes neither. For the sake of discussion though, I'm curious if it would...
  2. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Cold morning

    I took my son on Saturday. Birds were flocked up until about 9:00 AM but we called one in to 40 yards and he wouldn't come any closer. Went to a different spot and called 3 toms in but he hit the bird low and we couldn't recover it. Both hunts I couldn't have asked for more action though...
  3. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Rut Conspiracy?

    They also rescheduled The Masters right in the heart of the Iowa rut. Most probably don't care but to golfers, that's the super bowl.
  4. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Xop treestands?

    I bought an XOP Vanish last year. I like it and how easy it is to hang. I also have the XOP climbing sticks. They lock together and carry nice but they're really heavy.
  5. HawkeyeStateHogs

    The quail zone

    Just found this thread and thought I'd bring it back from the dead. Daver, I'd love to know how things have gone with your quail habitat and how the population has responded over the past 6 years. I have 12 acres I'm restoring to oak savanna and pollinator habitat. I'm gearing it toward...
  6. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Updated 2020 new pond thread

    There's a big push right now for pollinator habitat, which also happens to be great for deer, turkeys, pheasants, etc. I'm turning 4.4 acres of pasture into pollinator prairie and the NRCS is giving me $5500 to do so. Give your local NRCS office a call and see what's available.
  7. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Updated 2020 new pond thread

    This will be a great project. Congrats! Also, if you want any meaningful habitat in that 60 acres, kill the brome!!
  8. HawkeyeStateHogs

    2018 Farm Bill

    From Pheasants Forvever… Historic CRP signup in sight. Agriculture Department officials and some outside experts expect landowners to sign up for CRP in the largest numbers in at least a decade. "FSA has yet to release the new rule for the program that is expected to detail the state acreage...
  9. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Creating a doe factory

    I don't think having a doe factory is a bad thing on smaller properties. Mature bucks won't tolerate human activity during the summer like does will. Does will hang around as long as you're not right in their business, then come late October and November the bucks show up. I'd prefer that to...
  10. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Drone tresspassing

    There's tons of satellite and aerial (shot with planes) imagery of your property and mine that's freely accessible on the internet, all taken without our permission. Where is the line between that and someone flying a drone over and videoing their neighbor's property. Serious question. I'm...
  11. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Rec. Property tax implications

    I wasn't really sure how to title this post. Does anyone know the ins and outs of owning a recreational property and purchasing items for it, (ie. gate, fence, UTV, etc.) and being able to write them off as farm use. What is required to do this if you're not actually a farmer?
  12. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Hunter Killer

    Like this?
  13. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Timber Stand Improvment

    Am I ok to flush cut and stump treat in the spring? I've read hack and squirt doesn't work well when the sap is flowing up but not sure about completed cutting off the tree at the ground and treating.
  14. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Multiflora Rose...Is there any benefit in keeping it?

    Do wildlife (specifically deer and turkeys) gain anything from multiflora rose or should it be eradicated? The same for prickly ash. Both of these have taken over much of my small woodlot. Wondering if I should wage war on both in favor of something better.
  15. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Recommend Youth 20 Gauge

    Thanks for the replies. It gives me some options to check out.
  16. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Recommend Youth 20 Gauge

    I'm looking to buy my boy a youth 20 gauge. I checked the local gun shop and all they had was an 1187 for about $550. I was hoping to spend under $400. Does anyone have a suggestion? If I have to spend the $500 then so be it, just thought I'd get some opinions. Thanks.
  17. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Views from the stand 2018-19

    I'm not sure if you have fish in that or how big it is, but I've wondered if you fished in that occasionally during the summer and stayed out after September 1, would it have an effect on deer? I'd like to put about a quarter acre pond in, but it's near where deer like to hang out and I don't...
  18. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Hunting land prices.....

    In all of these pessimistic scenarios, the land can be sold, most likely at a profit. Nothing is permanent. Again, owning isn't for everyone. I think most guys that own hunting land enjoy the habitat work as much as the hunting.
  19. HawkeyeStateHogs

    Taxidermy Question is

    Heat will kill the bugs. If you can create a makeshift kiln to hold heat around 150F for a short time it will kill whatever is inside. You'd probably want to hold the heat for a good half hour to make sure the interior of the wood reaches temp. This is how bedbugs are killed when they're...
  20. HawkeyeStateHogs

    “For Better or for Worse” - how trail cameras have changed hunting in last decade

    I'd imagine it's like most over game laws, up to the discretion of the officer.
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