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  1. nwhawk

    What Food Plot Seed Grows Well in Full Shade?

    Mowed an interior plot that has an extensive tree canopy which will allow little to no sunlight in. Minimal at best. What have you planted or seen work in that scenorio for a green plot?
  2. nwhawk

    Reveal cam

    Does the battery last longer if you only have the pics push every 12-24 hrs? Also has anyone set up a solar option with this cam? I bought a HME solar and it wasn't compatible with the tactacam.
  3. nwhawk


    Planted our plots the last week of July due to an Alaska fishing trip the 2nd week of August. Went down Monday thankfully to check things out and the plots looked awful. Worst they've ever looked no questions asked. We are batting 1-6 this year (one brassica plot looks 90%) so did what I had...
  4. nwhawk

    Unique bucks - trail cam pics...

    no this guy was a few years back. I've never seen anything like it.
  5. nwhawk

    Unique bucks - trail cam pics...

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. nwhawk

    Too early for turnip and radish?

    We usually wait till the beans are well into their yellowing process right before the leaves drop if possible. spread to soon and they get moisture and try to germinate without any sunlight and you'll have nothing.
  7. nwhawk

    Updated 2020 new pond thread

    that is sweet. bet you're loving watching the progress. that will be a lot of fun in the years to come!
  8. nwhawk

    Early muzz and bow

    Congrats on nice bucks!
  9. nwhawk

    Moosehunter finally has a season

    Congrats on a great buck and being back in a tree!!!
  10. nwhawk

    Nightmare Buck

    Congrats! Great buck and cool story! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. nwhawk

    Monroe County Buck- 10/13/19

    Awesome buck. Scores just a number but he looks bigger than that! Heck of a deer, congrats! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. nwhawk

    Ehd time again?

    Assumed we had a few as we’ve had it in past years but hadn’t looked or snooped around. Found 2 this weekend including this guy .. would’ve been awesome in another year. Roughed at 150 and change . Wayne county Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. nwhawk

    Taitn's first hunt is successful

    Cool deal way to go guys!!
  14. nwhawk

    Lab puppies

  15. nwhawk

    Ehd time again?

    When was this map published and is it updated daily/weekly?
  16. nwhawk

    Pond and Plot Thread

    mind mentioning who your dirt guy is?
  17. nwhawk

    Who’s shot the biggest 6 point buck?

    NWBUCK - Krista's has to be right up there...
  18. nwhawk

    Bachelor Group

    Woofta. Good stuff!!!
  19. nwhawk

    Weekend Plots

    Got about 3 acres of brassicas done Saturday. Perfect timing with the rain. Will finish up the rest in about 3 weeks.
  20. nwhawk

    Land and Family

    My understanding is that the cost basis of the land when gifted to an irrevocable trust is the adjusted cost basis which is essentially the original purchase price plus any improvements that are made throughout the original owners ownership (prior to the gift of the land to the irrevocable...
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