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  1. Ishi

    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    This is a hard thread to make as it’s hard sometimes showing our personal lives but here it goes. I meet my wife when I changed high schools during my freshman year and she’s been the one ever since. She’s had a nagging cough since August and we just thought it was the respiratory virus that...
  2. Ishi


    Congrats my friend! Great write up and enjoy all the pics
  3. Ishi

    Farmland Prices definitely off the highs

    Land sold a week ago in the neighborhood and sold for a good chunk of change. Sold for 18,000 a acre
  4. Ishi

    The Junker Buck

    Great right up CW! Love the pic of you ready to loose an arrow! Congrats
  5. Ishi

    1st Iowa bow tag punched in 27 years

    Sweet buck right there!
  6. Ishi


    Hawk32 is your guy! He’s on this site
  7. Ishi

    Nov 7, Iowa Bow buck

    Double Whammy! Congrats on the huge buck
  8. Ishi

    2023-24 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team 1 11/11/23 142 1/8
  9. Ishi

    November 13th

    Nice buck young man!! You’ve done well the last several years! Congrats
  10. Ishi

    Open Country Buck

    I found a place to hunt much closer to home to save on travel time and quicker hunts. The area is wide open crop fields with tree lined creeks. My confidence was zilch on hunting it for the fourth time in two years! I’m used to hunting large wooded tracts and not edges. The stand has one of the...
  11. Ishi

    11/6/2023 Illinois Bow buck

    Good to hear from you again! Congrats
  12. Ishi

    11-06-2023 "Wallstreet"

    Pretty looking and junk filled buck! Congrats
  13. Ishi

    Human Urine

    What I hate as an old dude with time the stream and clean out is less then stellar and if I dribble on my shoes that ticks me off…..:(
  14. Ishi

    Views from Stand 2023-24

    The second on twin fawns without a mom for a few hours
  15. Ishi

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Lockdown is a deep subject! I’m in an area that had EHD bad this year but I’m not making that an excuse. Tomorrow the sun will shine
  16. Ishi

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Beautiful day but this morning sucked! One doe and 1 coon
  17. Ishi


    Congrats BJ
  18. Ishi

    Lease Prices - New Level of Insanity

    Money can’t buy love but it can buy trophy bucks
  19. Ishi

    35 days after I released my arrow, I finally found my buck.

    Been there! Never give up and kudos on the quest to end the story
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