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  1. jesserichard

    G5 Havoc

    Dead Ringer ALL THE WAY!!! Worth a Google!
  2. jesserichard

    thoughts on speed vs. Kinetic energy

    Or a broadhead issue
  3. jesserichard

    thoughts on speed vs. Kinetic energy

    This will give you Kinetic energy and momentum of your bow. http://archerycalculator.com/archery-kinetic-energy-and-momentum-calculator/
  4. jesserichard


    I used Dead Ringer Traumas last year and they are by far the best turkey heads on the market. I have used Rage and Hammer heads in the past and nothing stops a turkey like the Trauma!!!!
  5. jesserichard

    Humboldt Archery Club 3D shoot

    Been to a few of these. Good shoot for sure. And my home town.
  6. jesserichard

    quiver that works with hha sight

    Alpine soft loc.
  7. jesserichard

    Who says there aren't any pheasants around?

    I saw 3 roosters in Ankeny NE of new Hy Vee
  8. jesserichard

    Avian X Strutter

    This one has been in timber for about 2 hours. I am adding a real fan also.
  9. jesserichard

    Elite Pure Bow Package

    2012 Elite Pure RH 60 LBS 29" Draw It has a custom string and cable set on it (black and yellow). It comes with the original string and cables, 11" Elite stabilizer, and wrist sling. Also a couple decals and Elite tool set. The sight is a HHA single pin. Model OL-5510. The rest is the...
  10. jesserichard

    Misc. Turkey Stuff

    Misc. turkey hunting items. - H.S. Bun Saver- Beard Buster leg mounted call holster - NWTF Hat - H.S. Strut decal, Primos Decal, and Size Matters Turkey Decal Asking $20 Located in Ankeny
  11. jesserichard

    Avian X Strutter

    Avian X Strutter. I bought it last season and hunted with it for 2 hours. I am offering to throw in a real fan. Either a tom or jake fan. Asking $125 OBO Located in Ankeny.
  12. jesserichard

    Turkey Vest

    This is a LG Gander Mountain turkey vest in Mossy Oak Break Up. Has fully padded flip down seat. I upgraded a few years back and this has been sitting around ever since. Many custom call pockets and other pockets. Asking $40 Located in Ankeny.
  13. jesserichard

    Foam Turkey Decoys

    3 foam decoys here. 2 steaks and a carrying bag. Asking $20 OBO Located in Ankeny
  14. jesserichard

    Montana Turkey Decoys

    These are 2 Montana Decoys. A single hen and a breeding pair. I am also adding a Montana Decoy carrying bag and hat. Asking $50 OBO Located in Ankeny
  15. jesserichard

    New Broadhead

    A buddy shot a doe with one at 20 yards barley went in a few inches. and it was a gut shot.
  16. jesserichard

    Trying to do the right thing.....

    He could be yote hunting.
  17. jesserichard


    I use alfalfa bales and corn.
  18. jesserichard

    Kansas Prince = New Iowa Archery World Record?

    Too Perfect of a match!!!
  19. jesserichard

    Electronic calling coon

    I have a buddy that does it and kills a ton. From what I understand he finds a den tree and sets up 20 yards or so away and lets it rip. most of them come flying down the tree and he kills them right by the caller.
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