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  1. thephatchef

    Hunters Smokehouse

    Hands down the best deer I've ever gotten back. Their deer sticks (cheese and jalepenio, bbq, honey bbq, etc.) are amazing and would pass by as "non-deer" for anyone who says they don't like deer. And their summer sausage reminds me of a honey glazed ham. Super delicious! I'd drive from Ames...
  2. thephatchef

    App Problems Since Updating iPhone

    Wondering if anyone else has updated their iPhone to the newest iOS 10. Ever since I've done that, I can open the app and see the threads, but when I click on the thread I just get the spinning cog that never goes away. Can't actually read any of the content of the thread because it never...
  3. thephatchef

    Processing Deer--Osceola area

    Hunter Smokehouse in Chariton is the best we've ever had. Their sticks, sausage, etc are all very good and not overly salty/cured like a lot of places. I'd drive the 2 hours from where I live to have them process my deer.
  4. thephatchef

    2015 AZ Hunting Journal

    Sydney, For what it is worth, I just got married two weeks ago. I'm 33. I married the second woman I ever dated. The first gal I dated was when I was 27. My encouragement to you, is even at a young age, place such a high value on marriage that most boys/men don't make the cut, or are even...
  5. thephatchef

    If This Doesn't Frustrate You

    Friend posted this on Facebook this afternoon. This buck was standing in a small park right across from Jack Trice Stadium in Ames. I'm assuming that he's cruising the river looking for hot does. Or he's just smart.
  6. thephatchef

    No hide shoulder mount

    The deer on my wall doesn't have the original cape. Any taxidermist can get you a cape for $50 or so. That's what I'd do.
  7. thephatchef

    Recommendations for meat locker in DSM area

    Hunter Smokehouse. I'll drive my deer the 2 hours it takes me just to drop it of. Really good stuff! Cheese and jalapeño sticks are amazing. And they are really proud of their Italian sausage.
  8. thephatchef

    Whole Venison Jerky Marinade

    Agree with Hi Mountain being the best. Find their Cracked Pepper 'n Garlic. Best I've had of theirs. If you like spicy, their Inferno is crazy. I've mixed a third of that seasoning into others, and it's still spicy.
  9. thephatchef

    HR 43 and 44

    I don't understand the need for an early bow season, especially since you can't buy a regular bow tag if you buy the early season tag. That being said, does anyone think that this will make a negative impact on the health of the deer herd? I don't see how it will, as the guys buying these tags...
  10. thephatchef

    whitetail doe with ear tags and collar??

    Is this the deer? Came across my Facebook feed today.
  11. thephatchef

    First time on cam

    Where are you at? I had great success this year on lots of birds in Central Iowa. Far more than the past few years. And if this winter stays the way it is, and we have average rainfall this spring and summer, we'll see another dramatic increase in the population.
  12. thephatchef

    Venison Jerky

    What did you use for seasoning? I've always used Hi-Mountain seasoning and can't be happier. The Cracked Pepper 'n Garlic is all I'll use of theirs because it is so good.
  13. thephatchef

    Need help!!! Tracking buck shot with muzzleloader in shoulder

    Here we go.... Wonder how long this will take to end?
  14. thephatchef

    The mercy kill of White-Sox- Shed post kill

    I'd assume that because a shed buck is considered antlerless, you'd tag the leg. I suppose you could call it in and report it, write your numbers down, then put that part of the tag on the leg, and the main part on the antler. I fresh shed buck is pretty obvious, an I'm sure a DNR officer would...
  15. thephatchef

    From the stand

    I hit a doe a few years ago that didn't the same thing. I was told I probably hit her high above the spine, which temporarily paralyzed her. It's frustrating for sure.
  16. thephatchef

    From the stand

    Makes you wonder if he bred any of the does around your farm. Might be seeing some hybrids pop up the next couple of years.
  17. thephatchef

    Coyote pack

    This looks like an instance where having a pack of coyotes around was a good thing. That deer looks like it was it by a car, seeing as how his front right leg is completely jacked up.
  18. thephatchef

    Best Locker for sumner sausage

    They do have a 10 pound minimum per item you order (sticks, sausage, Bologna, etc.). My vote would be to try their sticks with pepper cheese and jalapeños, summer sausage, and Italian sausage. And getting your own, or your own group's deer back is a plus.
  19. thephatchef

    Best Locker for sumner sausage

    Hands down, Hunter Smokehouse in Chariton is the best processing I've ever had. I don't mind tasting "deer" in processed deer. However, Hunter Smokehouse does such a good job, I wouldn't hesitate to give this to someone who hates deer, and not even tell them. Their summer sausage is unique to...
  20. thephatchef

    Boone City Buck

    Here is the breakdown of what I put into the Boone and Crocket website. Points Right: 6 Points Left: 5 Tip to Tip: 11.5 Greatest Spread: 20.125 Inside Spread: 18.375 Total abnormal points: 1.25 Right Side: - Main Beam: 21.125 - G1: 4 - G2: 8.125 - G3: 6.5 - G4: 2.25 - H1: 4.25...
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