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  1. Iowabowtech

    Sligh1 - October 1 Buck, Great Opener! "REST OF THE STORY"....

    Amazing. Haven't been around in awhile but it doesn't surprise me you're still getting it done. Congrats on the hunt and buck of a lifetime.
  2. Iowabowtech

    How To Make Your Own Album And Post Pictures

    Very welcome. Good to hear it's still helping folks. :)
  3. Iowabowtech

    Need help

    Look to the right of the pics. Should be multiple links, one of which is labled "IMG". Copy/paste that one into your thread.
  4. Iowabowtech

    [Opinions] Time For New Raingear

    Its tempting. Good idea above on the waterproof gloves. I'm not sure if I've even seen any before?
  5. Iowabowtech

    Talk about a kick in the butt

    Very sorry you have to go through this. Be strong. I can't imagine the thoughts, the fear, the wondering. But you can get through this, time to focus. You're a hunter, focusing is in your blood.
  6. Iowabowtech

    [Opinions] Time For New Raingear

    That's actually what I have. I think it might be a Whitewater Drencher. I may just give it a shot I guess. Really never put it to the test bowhunting but after looking into it on the net, it actually did get fairly high marks for quality and lack of noise. It's fairly light but I have one size...
  7. Iowabowtech

    [Opinions] Time For New Raingear

    I'm really not a huge raingear fan and for that reason, I've never spent the coin on quality stuff. It's looking to me like it may be a soggy couple weeks and with a lot of scheduled vacation this year, I'm going to be in the tree short of a typhoon. So...what does everyone recommend for...
  8. Iowabowtech

    Hen Of The Woods?

    I would concur! I read that they taste sort of like chicken too and although it wasn't a perfect description, there was kinda some chickeny flavor. This was one of the small ones. There are several others the size of basketballs. Guess a return trip may be prudent.
  9. Iowabowtech

    Hen Of The Woods?

    Are they good to eat?
  10. Iowabowtech

    Hen Of The Woods?

    Hey gang. Is this a hen of the woods mushroom?
  11. Iowabowtech

    all day sits

    Gonna have to be a month that starts with "N" before I start sitting all day. Getting close though but I prefer full rut for all day sits.
  12. Iowabowtech

    Starting To Fire Up

    Saw a 140 chasing a few does tonight. He also ran off a smaller buck. Action started in the open at 4pm. He milled around with them as they fed on clover until dark, never left them but there wasn't the tenion yet that we'll see in a few more days. It's on the brink of getting good fast and it's...
  13. Iowabowtech

    Thank You

    And then redistribute them to less fortunate hunters.
  14. Iowabowtech

    cold front/rain

    Saw a little chasing tonight, one of the first good bucks on the hoof during daylight (6pm). Otherwise less than moderate traffic the last few days. Pinning my hopes on Friday.
  15. Iowabowtech

    URC for climbing sticks.

    UCR's are the only way to go. Silent, way faster to rig up and longer than the POS ones that come with most sticks.
  16. Iowabowtech

    IWF - We're Back

    Not that we actually ever went away but 2011 was an oddly quiet legislative session. That's a good thing. We aren't planning on having such good luck two years consecutive however, so we are currently ramping up efforts. We will be maintaining an active presence on Twitter this year. It's...
  17. Iowabowtech

    Long night ahead...self medication underway

    Well guys, I'm afraid it's bad news, he was gone from that spot. I stomped out the area all morning and wasn't able to find him. All the blood was gone of course so it was just a random search. I guess that's hunting, hopefully things will turn around. Thanks for the well wishes.
  18. Iowabowtech


    No other nock is in the same league. I am somewhat embarrassed to tell this story but I'm going to drop the ego to prove a point. I shot a deer last year and completly botched the shot off a twig deflection. Arrow ended up sticking in the rear flank of the deer pretty deep, I was sick about it...
  19. Iowabowtech

    How To Make Your Own Album And Post Pictures

    Hey, what the... :moon: :D
  20. Iowabowtech

    Long night ahead...self medication underway

    So I shot a nice buck this afternoon at 4:30. Mainframe 10, didn't have time to glass long enough to spot any junk if there is any. I spotted him one draw away (125 yds) and grabbed the binos for a closer look. Could tell right away he was a shooter and oddly he was looking right at me as I...
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