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  1. Hillwalker

    Broadhead discussion

    Sligh, those ramcats look a lot like the Trocars. I might look at trying those.
  2. Hillwalker

    Broadhead discussion

    All great comments to read. I also got burnt on mechanicals ONCE. We blame them at times but have to make a choice. Buddys love them. I found the muzzy trocars shoot like darts for my setup. They fly like field points. So shot placement is key. I have never taken a shot over 35 yards. Been bow...
  3. Hillwalker

    1st Iowa bow tag punched in 27 years

    Wow, awesome story and great 8 pointer. True trophy for sure. Congrats on a great hunt.
  4. Hillwalker

    November 13th

    Awesome story and buck. Congrats! Nice pics too
  5. Hillwalker

    HOW LONG LIVE? Stomach & maybe liver- PIC!!!

    Do you have cameras in area. Maybe he’ll show up. That would be a miracle. But ya never know.
  6. Hillwalker

    Got my 2021 Deer Back

    Very nice mount. Love the detail.
  7. Hillwalker

    2022 Buck

    Great buck!
  8. Hillwalker

    Law question- discharge of wounded deer after dark

    I guess you could use a knife and cuts it throat. Kind of crude but should be legal.
  9. Hillwalker

    2nd Gun Success

    Nice buck. Will make a nice Euro mount for your memories.
  10. Hillwalker

    2nd Gun Success

  11. Hillwalker

    Black Friday Buck

    Nice looking deer. Congrats
  12. Hillwalker

    Savage wound that ends long history…

    Wow, crazy deal there. Congrats on an old brute,
  13. Hillwalker

    One lung hit

    TimmyD : Any updates on this. Did ya find him???
  14. Hillwalker

    Advice after Bad Encounter

    Any updates on this. Did ya find him??
  15. Hillwalker

    My muzzleloader whitetail

    Very cool deer. Congrats on that one. Gonna make nice mount.
  16. Hillwalker

    11/6 All day sit pays off

    Wow, great story and great buck. Congrats
  17. Hillwalker


    That’s what my WiFi carrier is doing. If I shut my WiFi off. And go of cellular it works fine. But mine says Adbot also after 1st post. So it must be my internet provider. Try shutting off your WiFi and see it it works.
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