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  1. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    2015 shotgun buck

    We quit early because we had enough meat and I had plenty of my own cutting to do. Glad my wife puts up with my hunting mess this time of year.
  2. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    2015 shotgun buck

    Lyon. It kind of did both. When they went to drag it broke off. I examined the antler and it looked like 3/4 of it was already free and the remaining part snapped. On one drive I was waiting for a driver to even up the lines and I had a really nice buck, larger than the one shot in the picture...
  3. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    2015 shotgun buck

    Having trouble getting pictures up with my Iphone so hopefully this works. First buck of the first drive and first shot so I was happy.
  4. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Heated insoles?

    If you get 3-4 hrs in low setting out of them you're doing good. Wouldn't spend the $$ on them if I had to do it over. They help but the covers like artic shields and a good liner sock along with wool socks are probably a cheaper and better investment. To the person that wore them snow...
  5. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Smoking Salmon

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/newsearch?search=Salmon Go to this link and search away.
  6. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Recommendations for meat locker in DSM area

    Years ago I decided it was getting pretty pricey just to have a deer cut up so I started doing my own. Started with canned venison,pastrami and basic cuts like steaks. Now I have a stuffer, smoker, grinder, vacuum sealer, pressure canner, and electric winch. I didn't buy it all at once. If you...
  7. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Taxidermy advice for the upcoming season

    I'm so saddened I didn't make the list:( J/K, I'm just a guy that does a couple of dozen a year as a side deal from my full time job and so I don't get over loaded and prevent someone from getting their mount back in a reasonable time. Breiner11 is a good guy. I've never met him in person but...
  8. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    My Taxidermy Experience

    Looks like he expected hot glue to adhere to a sealed piece of wood. Never a good idea. If you were near me I'd fix that in a minute or two for you. Lots of ways you could fix it quick. I'd just put some leather/fabric over the quills and some small finishing nails/screws that don't go all the...
  9. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    The old way...

    I've seen your offerings to help all kinds of people RetiredMurph. I can see how you would enjoy that more than killing one yourself. I know I would. Great sportsmanship.
  10. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Northeast iowa taxidermy

    Sending you a message.
  11. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    well this sucks!

    One of a million other reasons to hate ticks. When I'm camping out deer I still cringe when I see them crawling all over my hands. Even had some cold weather shotgun bucks have them pouring off of them once I got them warmed back up. Skin now crawling. :(
  12. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    well this sucks!

    Read about this earlier in the year online. That would suck to have to go "cold turkey" on red meat. I hope no one else gets this. Sounds like it's heavy in eastern state ticks and moving west.
  13. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Traditional Success

    Set the bar high. Congrats!!
  14. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Rebuilding tines/antler staining

    Meyeri, I would actually recommend "Fixit" over apoxe sculpt. I've used both and the fixit actually dries to a better base antler color. If your epoxy is too shiny use some baby powder or talcum powder while mixing equal parts, it will dull the shine. You can also use diluted potassium...
  15. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa


    I just have the racks out while I'm stuffing and zig-zag then back and forth until I have a full tray. I was going to hang but was concerned about the ends hanging closest to the heat source. I suppose I could flip them as I do rotate the racks with the way I do it now so they don't dry out...
  16. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Would you pass or shoot?

    I would do the following: 1: shoot 2: thank god a million times 3: breathe 4: get rid of my land line phone and change my cell number 5: get a heck of an insurance policy on the rack 6: never disclose where I shot him to prevent a million guides from leasing up the area I think it may...
  17. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa


    I just started making my own last year. Have two master built electrics. Wish I would have started years ago. The 4 year old daughter was begging me to get a doe for sticks, which is an awesome feeling. If you haven't already looked Google smoking meat forum. They have a lifetime of...
  18. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Recovering deer

    Assuming your hunting in Iowa, doesn't seem like to much gray area to me. “Trespass” means entering property with- out the express permission of the owner, les- see or person in lawful possession, with the in- tent to commit a public offense; to use, remove therefrom, alter, damage, harass, or...
  19. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    New Guy On A Rough Welcome Back

    Hope you get it figured out. Probably trying to hide some bucks from Ya. Man I must be tired at first I thought you had a pie bald in the background in the first picture. Dang round bale. Time for bed.
  20. Ted's Taxidermy NE Iowa

    Doves and coyotes

    I don't know what it was about today but I'm about to have a new summertime hobby of sitting over fresh mowed hay waiting to punch some coyotes ticket. Try and try to call them in and come across 2 when I'm not even looking for them. Had I been better prepared I would of had 2. Just happened to...
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