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  1. Fox Valley Hunter

    My possible "start up"

    Those are awesome! Do the hours of labor include emptying the barrel? ;)
  2. Fox Valley Hunter

    Big Typical Shed

    We must hunt pretty close to each other. I am pretty sure I found the other half.
  3. Fox Valley Hunter

    Daughter gets one

    Congrats to you both!
  4. Fox Valley Hunter

    Daughter's 1st Deer

    Congrats to your daughter!
  5. Fox Valley Hunter

    Alex redeems himself

    Great buck, congrats to Alex!
  6. Fox Valley Hunter

    Another Bingo

  7. Fox Valley Hunter


  8. Fox Valley Hunter

    Arborist in SE Iowa

    The bark is definitely different from my other maple trees in my back yard but I am assuming its a maple because it has the “whirlybird” seeds. I looked up Norway maples and it looks like the bark splitting is pretty common on them but not necessarily anything to worry about. Thanks for the help!!
  9. Fox Valley Hunter

    Arborist in SE Iowa

    Can anyone recommend an arborist in Southeast Iowa? I have a maple tree in my yard that has developed a long split in the bark that I would like to have someone tell me if its going to be an issue or not.
  10. Fox Valley Hunter

    Unique bucks - trail cam pics...

    Here are a few oddballs...
  11. Fox Valley Hunter

    1 and done hunt

  12. Fox Valley Hunter

    Great morning!

  13. Fox Valley Hunter

    Tagged out

  14. Fox Valley Hunter

    My Son Connects!

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