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  1. Owenator

    Pick your prize thread

    I will take #8 thanks muddy and all the sponsors and donations Sent from my iPad using IW
  2. Owenator

    Texas Guiding Thread 2016

    wow Wow those are some awsome pictures did you use your big camera.
  3. Owenator

    My 7 yr old son's first turkey !

    Nice tom and congrats!
  4. Owenator

    5 for 5

  5. Owenator

    My best turkey yet

    Yesterday morning me and my dad set up in a hot spot on our friends farm that turkeys usually come through. At first light we seen him fly down about 100 yards from us and enter the field he wouldn't respond to our calls and disappeared in the other direction. About a half hour later he came...
  6. Owenator

    2016 Turkey Contest - TEAM THREAD

    Blaster and Owenator team Jive Turkey.
  7. Owenator

    2015-2016 Youth Deer Contest!

    My first bow buck.
  8. Owenator

    First bow buck

    Thank everyone it was a difficult journey to get my firs bow buck. Wish everyone luck on their next hunt Sent from my iPad using IW
  9. Owenator

    First bow buck

    It has been a fun year so far my and goal was to shoot my first buck with a bow. I practice quite a bit and hunted hard during youth season and early bow season when I could. I was hoping for Crabby the buck my dad ended up shooting in November. Crabby was a buck I had passed for four years but...
  10. Owenator

    Trent downs Countdown!

    Wow Trent that is a really nice buck and story see you sometime Sent from my iPad using IW
  11. My First Bow Deer 12 22 14

    My First Bow Deer 12 22 14

    Owenator first bow kill 12-22-14 age 10
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