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    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    Praying for both of you Ishi!
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    Cold Weather Camo Gear

    I sold the Cabelas MTO50 but still have the Arctic Shield and Badlands. Both like new condition. Cold weather is coming and thought someone could use these
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    AK Caribou

    I would live some info. It is on my bucket list to do that!
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    Bobcat T595

    I went thru same dilemma a while back and bought its older twin a t590. So far i am glad i did, other than 3 point work i have used it more than the tractor. They are sure handy
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    Acorns to Oaks!

    I just bought some from a local grower. I might have a few more than I need, how many you looking for?
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    Acorn Crop

    SE Iowa the acorns are very heavy for some trees but not all of them
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    Had a doe laying dead in my lawn at the farm in Des Moines county. A friend of mine about 10 miles away found a dead doe on saturday and saw a doe that was on her last leg before collapsing
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    DCO (Dwarf Chinkapin Oak) for sale; plus other nuts/acorns

    Old thread here, but does everyone agree with this method being the “best”? Or better to start in pots and transplant?
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    Acorns to Oaks!

    On my farm i am planning on small 1.5ac patch this fall, it is a secluded field that i want to turn into bedding/browse. Have another family farm (pasture that i have posted previously) that is blank slate and want to do diverse pockets of variety of habitats. Planning natives, wildflowers...
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    Acorns to Oaks!

    Have any of you done the Bill Winke method of disking in direct seeded acorns? Was thinking about giving that a try in a 1.5 acre patch this fall. Bill seems to have great success with it.
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    Hand Seeder?

    Hooyman makes electric and the same thing in hand crank
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    Hand Seeder?

    I have used the red bag seeder from Earthway for years and find it works well for small seeds but spread 200# of rye this weekend into standing soybeans and seems like there has to be a better option. Is the chest/backpack spreader the way to go? I see solo, earthway, Hooyman, etc all make the...
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    Apple/Pear Trees

    Man, there is a ton of info on all these pages about apple and pear trees, much of it way over my head! On a new farm, for a beginner in this, what 4 apple and 4 pear varieties would you do? Ideally something that drops late and also something that i could order as bare toot seedlings
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    Rubbing & Scrape Post

    I read a few of you guys are starting to put them out now. Is it too early where the posts will dry out before rubbing starts? Should I wait until end September or go ahead and put them out now?
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    Rubbing & Scrape Post

    Thanks guys. I will probably give willow a try, have some on my farm. I should be able to get some white pine off another farm.
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    Rubbing & Scrape Post

    I know it has been posted somewhere before, but cannot find it. I see many of you are setting a tree post with branches/grape vines in your plots for licking branches and scrapes near treestands. I have never done this but plan to this year. What species of tree/post work best for both the...
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    CRP VIDEO- Reasons to plant & enroll….

    I think it is CP22. If that isn’t a tree program I would need to double check
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    CRP VIDEO- Reasons to plant & enroll….

    This is odd! I am in process of enrolling a marginal pasture farm into tree crp program right now. 5 ponds and creek are all eligible
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    Rain totals??

    Tried the Rain Drop app and really like it. Checked accuracy on two farms about 2 miles apart and it was dead on. The two farms differed by about an inch.
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