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    Big guy
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    Big guy
  3. BriarwoodBottoms

    Cool Pic

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    Bachelor Group

  5. BriarwoodBottoms

    Old 9

    Don't mind the date. The pic is from this year, didn't take the time to update any of my old captures. This buck is the oldest deer that we know of on the farm. He has shown himself a couple times this year. Couple weeks left to try and get him in bow range.
  6. BriarwoodBottoms

    Big Guy

    Hope he sticks around for another month!
  7. BriarwoodBottoms

    Coyote sequence

  8. BriarwoodBottoms

    Our 2014-15 season

    45 and Mantle were our #1 and #2 going into the season. Our next door neighbors were lucky enough to harvest them. Since I had years of pictures, encounters, etc with them I wanted to include them. Either way we had a fun and rewarding year. We are fortunate enough to have a few things in...
  9. BriarwoodBottoms

    Our 2014-15 season

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