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  1. Tusker

    2013 Hoyt Carbon Spyder for Sale

    Spyder 30 28" Draw 60-70 lbs Trophy Ridge Sights trophy Ridge drop away rest Trophy ridge quiver Fuse Stabilizer Wrist strap 850.00 OBO
  2. Tusker


    Man sorry to hear that you guys had a terrible experience out in New Mexico. If you ever decide to go again i would highly recommend Compass west Outfitters, SW of Roswell, if you can get a tag drawn. You can look at their facebook page and it speaks for itself, my dad and i recently got back...
  3. Tusker

    Bear mounts??

    The outfitter is Camp Whitetail his bear deal is Alcott Bear Camp, not much of a website. Really good guy works hard to get you on good bears. Nice lodge, good food and good hunting. Kieth Graham is the owner. Up by Meadow Lake Saskatchewan. We have been going up there for about 4 years now.
  4. Tusker

    Bear mounts??

    Here are a few
  5. Tusker

    Hoyt Carbon Element

    Want to get this sold!!! $650!!!!
  6. Tusker

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder Snow Camo

    Price Edit!!!!! Now $900!!!! This is a very nice bow!!
  7. Tusker

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder Snow Camo

    Really nice Bow! Snow Camo 1 year old Drop away rest and G5 sight Lets drop the Price Down to $950! Bow season is getting close! Thanks
  8. Tusker

    Hoyt Carbon Element

    28" Draw 60-70 lb limbs All Black Custom Winners Choice string and wrist strap PRICE EDIT $700 and can get it to your door and tuned in before season Starts! Thanks
  9. Tusker

    Floor Pedastal

    Here are a few of ours. Piece of red wood. Templeton Rye barrel. Built the pedestal with the old wagon wheel. Heres one i told the taxi i wanted something unique and he suspended the buck. Pretty cool.
  10. Tusker

    2012 Hoyt Carbon Element

    Normal wear, good bow. 28.5" draw length 60-70lb draw Drop away rest Nice Trophy Ridge sight Custom red Winners Choice string Red wrist strap Sell like it is for 950.00
  11. Tusker

    Nuisance Deer

    We are headed up to hunt for a few days. If anyone has any BIG nuisance deer running around thats maybe getting into your trash, scarying your kids, or just plane eating the grass out of your front yards, give us a call and we can swing by and Eradicate the problem!! We are here to Help guys!
  12. Tusker

    bear hunting question

    Anyone been to a bear outfitter up by meadow lake in saskatchewan.
  13. Tusker

    2010 Carbon Element For Sale

    Still for sell.
  14. Tusker

    2013-14 PMA Big Buck Contest Winners!!!

    Its about 14 5/8 long.
  15. Tusker

    2013-14 PMA Big Buck Contest Winners!!!

    Smallest one of the bunch but still a good buck. I had two years history with this buck. Before he was all broken up he was right around 180 as a 5 year old.
  16. Tusker

    2010 Carbon Element For Sale

    No trades at this time. Thanks
  17. Tusker

    2010 Carbon Element For Sale

    Anyone interested in a great bow.
  18. Tusker

    2010 Carbon Element For Sale

    28 inch draw 60-70 lb draw weight Winners Choice String put on a year after purchase. Hoyt fall away rest Fuse stabilizer Wrist strap G5 sight Ready to go! Great bow!! 750.00 as it sits.!!
  19. Tusker

    Mine and Nicks Mounts Back from Taxi

    Ours werent refurbished so they were a little cheaper then that but the refurbished definitely looks good as well.
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