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  1. Greekhawk

    Sightings from Stand (11/29 - 12/6)

    Everything ive been seeing the last couple days and tonight, they are concentrating on food sources. I put my wife on the edge of a corn field tonight and she shot a buck. There was another buck (smaller) and 3 does in the pack. They came out just after sunset
  2. Greekhawk

    11/22/13 Buck down!

    ha love the call in excuse! Congrats on a sweet buck!
  3. Greekhawk

    3 year wait

    Awesome back story! I'm sure I wouldn't have had that kind of patience! Congratulations!
  4. Greekhawk

    Oct 1st to nov 23rd

    Two brusers! Congrats!
  5. Greekhawk

    2013 KS Buck

    Dandy buck right there! I love his height seems to go on for miles like a muley!
  6. Greekhawk

    WI bow buck down, opening day rifle season...PINCH ME!

    Man he is a BRUTE congrats!!
  7. Greekhawk

    Got one on 11-21

    Sweet buck congrats!
  8. Greekhawk

    Great season! 2 Down!

    Awesome story! ia can't wait to get my kids in the woods with me! sweet first buck congrats to your boy!
  9. Greekhawk

    November 15, 2013 buck

    sweet buck congrats! There is no better time spent, than time spent in the woods with family!
  10. Greekhawk

    musdy sticks.....

    This year I set aside my climber and am using a millenium M-50 and 4 muddy sticks. First off this combination is awesome! However I'm trying to find a "safe" way to go up the tree. I have done some searching around on this sight, and a few others. Anyway right now im using my HSS linemans rope...
  11. Greekhawk

    4 years of tag soup ended

    Thanks everyone! It was a long time coming and I couldn't be happier! I now get to help my wife get her buck! Good luck to everyone on the rest of your season!
  12. Greekhawk

    My Wifes 2013 Archery buck (In Her Words)

    Sweet buck congrats!
  13. Greekhawk

    The Trailer Buck 2

    Heck of a deer congrats! love the blind!!
  14. Greekhawk

    I named him Cat Daddy

    Awesome deer congrats!
  15. Greekhawk

    Killed early 11/16

    Way to be persistent Congrats nice deer!
  16. Greekhawk

    Nice 8!

    Awesome deer Congrats!!
  17. Greekhawk

    Rainy day surprise in Cass County

    Awesome Deer Congrats!! I love the color of the Rack!
  18. Greekhawk

    Numero Uno Is Dead

    Heck of a deer Congrats!!
  19. Greekhawk

    zvholk's 2013 buck

    Awesome buck Congrats!!
  20. Greekhawk

    Two Years... One Deer

    Congrats! on the buck and the bun in the oven!
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