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  1. The Silence

    Target Trafficking 3D Archery Shoot

    I wanted everyone to know that on August 13th in Central Iowa there will be a fund raising 3D shoot for Wings of Refuge which is an organization that helps trafficked women. I went last year and was really encouraged by how well managed it was, not to mention why they had organized the whole...
  2. The Silence

    NEWER or YOUNG Hunters- thoughts for them or ?’s from them..

    Here's a couple things that have helped me: (1) I keep a hunting journal for each season. When you get home after the hunt, write down things about the hunt you just had. Date, temp, wind info, where you were hunting, write down any details that you think may come in handy, what type of deer did...
  3. The Silence

    Novice Wiper Fisherman Needs Your Advice

    I hadn't been fishing much for the last 5 or 6 years but got back out this spring. Was able to put a number of 4# wipers in the freezer. That was the first time catching them and had a real blast. Love hearing that drag humming. I picked all of them up at where water was flowing into the lake...
  4. The Silence

    Unfrozen water sources in late season

    Here in Iowa where I hunt we've had some warmer weather lately with no snow cover. Since a lot of the vegetation/browse would seem to have a lower moisture content do you guys think that unfrozen water sources could really be a magnet for the big boys?
  5. The Silence

    Looking for some advice

    Congrats. Way to hang in there and keeping your head on straight.
  6. The Silence

    Looking for some advice

    Congrats. Way to hang in there and keeping your head on straight.
  7. The Silence

    Has anybody seen any new rubs yet?

    Has anyone seen any large rubs or thrashed saplings yet? I've also read several sources that mentioned that if you come across severely thrashed saplings or small bushes early you may have a mature buck in the area. Any opinions or personal observations about this?
  8. The Silence

    Buck bedding in CRP

    That's a great question bkcrrtnps. I can't say for 100% certainty that big boys are bedding there but I have been very reluctant to set up any kind of observation stands since it's also secondary bedding for other deer that could easily pick you off from quite a distance. Also, I didn't want to...
  9. The Silence

    Buck bedding in CRP

    Hey Tmayer. It was crazy about when and how I found him. I was actually walking in to put a trail cam near that area last year on September 29th (2 days before bow opener) because I wanted to let it soak in that area for 3-4 months because I had very limited intel from that specific spot. I...
  10. The Silence

    Buck bedding in CRP

    Do you guys know people here on the forum that have a lot of experience hunting CRP?
  11. The Silence

    Buck bedding in CRP

    Last year I came across a mature buck that was using a small (2-4 acre) secluded CRP field as his bedding area. I went up to that area once earlier this year to see what details I could see. Do you guys any experience with how bucks bed in these areas as well as how they enter and exit them...
  12. The Silence

    Corn and soybeans as primary food sources

    I wanted to find out from you guys when corn and soybeans are used as primary food sources especially at this time of year and through the summer. Do they ever eat just the leaves of young corn and beans or do they wait for certain developmental stages of the plants such as tassling, pod...
  13. The Silence

    Early Season Trail Cam Use

    I have a pretty good bead on several early season bedding areas and exit trails associated with them. The problem is it's really tough to get in close enough to get an observation point. If season opener is October 1st, have you ever placed trail cams on these exit trails, let's say August 15th...
  14. The Silence

    Story County Iowa Bowhunters

    Really hope it's a time to encourage each other in where we're at in our hunting journey. And really learn from each other. I'm personally really tired of the back biting going on in our society around us these days. My wife and I raised our 4 kids overseas where I didn't see any big game in the...
  15. The Silence

    Story County Iowa Bowhunters

    Wanted to see if there were any bow hunters in the Story County area who would like to meet together to talk about last year's deer season. Just thought it would be fun to get together with a few people over food somewhere and shoot the breeze. If you're interested just PM me.
  16. The Silence

    Velvet buck in January

    I knew someone who several years ago shot at least a 3.5 year old buck during the Iowa shotgun season (in December) that was in full velvet. He spoke with someone about it and they mentioned that he had some type of abnormality that caused him to have low testosterone levels. I can't remember...
  17. The Silence

    Deer Getting to Bed Later in the Late Season

    Are there any special circumstances you've found that delay bucks from entering their beds later in the mornings during late season.
  18. The Silence

    Mature buck movement during severe winter weather

    Thanks for your input guys. A couple clarifications. I hunt in fairly open farm country. In one area they pile into a deep ditch that has cedars surrounding it when windy, cold weather shows up. The best areas that I've found on this one property in particular is that the bigger bucks are...
  19. The Silence

    Mature buck movement during severe winter weather

    Just preparing for my late season archery tactics and I'm thinking about the severe weather areas I know of in farmland country. A couple questions: (1) Do older bucks tend to hole up with the majority of other deer when a winter storm blows in? (2) Before the storm: Do the big boys tend to...
  20. The Silence

    Heavy Heart Right Now

    Puts things in perspective. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected.
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