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  1. whitetailserialkillers

    Rubbing & Scrape Post

    We use grape vines and white pine beaches as much as possible. Add weight to the beach if it’s not hanging down far enough (3ft off the ground). Hemp ropes work pretty good too but we prefer the natural materials. Spray the ground with roundup in the summer to kill the vegetation. That is...
  2. whitetailserialkillers

    Reveal X vs X Pro

    That’s true but they do have there place. IE: properties not close to home, security, hard to access areas of the property, etc. Although we run several cell games we still use twice as many cars cams because they are more reliable…good luck out there!
  3. whitetailserialkillers

    Reveal X vs X Pro

    I’m running 8 of the the Reveal Gen 2 X with no issues. This summer I’m going to buy a couple of the X Pro’s. The major difference between the two is the no flash and lcd screen in the X Pro. Our intention is to try the no flash closer to bedding areas to see if we get more pics of bucks by...
  4. whitetailserialkillers

    Honey Locust Tips

    Cut as many as you can using an electric or gas pole saw so you can stay back a few feet. Then Spray or make a pvc “dabber” to chemically treat the stumps. It’s time consuming but stick with it for a few years…it’s a marathon not a sprint
  5. whitetailserialkillers

    Need an ATV - UTV

    I’m interested in the Grizzly s.
  6. whitetailserialkillers

    Need an ATV - UTV

    Good feedback, thanks
  7. whitetailserialkillers

    Need an ATV - UTV

    We are in the market for an ATV or UTV. 500cc+ and must have 4WD and a square tube style receiver. Contact me if your selling or know of one for sale in Iowa.
  8. whitetailserialkillers

    Mossberg 22in bolt action slug gun, rifled barrel, 12ga, muzzle break

    Normal wear and tear but it shoots well....simply don't need two of them anymore. Give me a shout if your interested!
  9. whitetailserialkillers

    Cedar Tree Clearing Cost

    Good points. If you pay a crew to fell them it will be worth the money. It will be messy at first but you can burn the area in 2 years after them brown and dry out
  10. whitetailserialkillers

    What age bucks get biggest- quick IW Video…

    Security cover during daylight hours. That can be timber (with an understory), overgrown fields, brushy creek corridors, etc. don’t overlook small wood lots and old barns/homesteads. At night the deer will find food so focus on cover if you have the ability to do habitat work where you hunt.
  11. whitetailserialkillers

    Burnstrips for planting switchgrass

    You could also till the edge close to the trees. The exposed dirt will help slow the fire. Blackburn this area first. A leaf blower is a handy tool to insure the fire doesn’t jump your fire breaks
  12. whitetailserialkillers

    Burnstrips for planting switchgrass

    Plant clover for your firebreaks. 10yards is adequate. Back burn by your new trees first. Less than one acres plots don’t really need a firebreak because you will want to maximize the plot size
  13. whitetailserialkillers

    Budget Ebike

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  14. whitetailserialkillers

    Fixed vs mechanical - one simple “new” question

    VPA’s one pice broadheads machined from a single piece of high grade steel are the bomb!
  15. whitetailserialkillers

    Fixed vs mechanical - one simple “new” question

    Shoot 200gr fixed for deer, elk, and hogs….it’s convenient too!
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