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  1. RepCity_BK

    Baling CRP due to drought- my 2 cents…

    We are doing this in south central Nebraska this fall on about 50 acres total in three separate fields. In the past we have done spring burns for management with good results, but we are reenrolling into an expiring CP2 contract into a CP38D. After drilling in the new seed mixes in early spring...
  2. RepCity_BK

    Starting The Release Process

    We have had similar results with the Fall Release during really dry years like last year in south central Nebraska. Summer Release has came up great for us the past two years and we have drilled directly into that when planting Fall Release like you mention. I don’t have a crimper yet so we have...
  3. RepCity_BK

    ISO Roller Crimper

    How are you liking this crimper? I've been thinking about getting one and the ones that Logan has on Marketplace seem really nice for the price.
  4. RepCity_BK

    New member from Nebraska

    Thanks for the advice. I am doing my best to educate myself on how to maximize survival of whatever I end up planting. The mast trees are an idea right now, however I am still trying to determine what is best to do with these old fields. Right now they are in a CRP contract that expires this...
  5. RepCity_BK

    New member from Nebraska

    I’ve been reading on this site for some time without actually being a member and I figured it would be worthwhile creating an account to engage in the conversations. I’m 31 and currently I live and work in Lincoln as a mechanical engineer. I grew up in south central Nebraska in Franklin/Harlan...
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