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  1. rookie10pt

    New DVD - HWP 6!

    I definitely think your DVDs are worth $10, even $15! Sent from my iPhone using IW
  2. rookie10pt

    2014 rule change

    I read in multiple comments how that the doe tags need to be reduced. Before the 2013/14 season weren't the doe tags reduced in multiple counties?? Actually, if I remember correctly there was only ONE county where the doe tags were increased...and that was Bremer. Sure! Maybe the doe tags...
  3. rookie10pt

    Bow Sight ?

    I'm currently looking into getting a new sight for my bow, and in the process of looking I found one made by TRUGLO, its the 5 pin micro-brite at cabelas...any way, the thing i like about this sight is the different sizes of pins (1-.029, 2-.019, 2-.010). I remember reading an article awhile ago...
  4. rookie10pt

    Outreach Outdoors Question?

    I was just wondering if anybody knew if OO was going to come out with a new dvd this year? I got their new one last year, and it was the best hunting dvd I have seen yet!! Just getting impatient I guess:D
  5. rookie10pt

    Member playing in the Super Bowl

    That was deep!:thrwrck: I suppose that is why I spoke against it......
  6. rookie10pt

    Member playing in the Super Bowl

    I was planning on cheering for the Ravens until I heard this "Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has been an outspoken supporter of gay rights, using the profile of Super Bowl week to bring the issue further into the spotlight" I can not and will not support gay marriage...
  7. rookie10pt

    Question about bolt action .22

    My Dad has a bolt action .22 (Stevens model 15A) that is missing its bolt, (Grandma took the bolt and hid it when Dad was a kid...or something like that). I would like to get a bolt for it but can't seem to find one. Does anybody know where i could get one? Thanks, in advance :)
  8. rookie10pt

    Best way to estimate draw length?

    This is what I heard too.
  9. rookie10pt

    20 Ga. Shotgun Question

    I have my mossberg 500 20ga sighted in at 50 yds with the hornady sst slugs, and it shoots 2-2.5in high at 100yds and according to the box it would shoot about 2in low at 150yds
  10. rookie10pt

    First time shotgun season for me, any advice?

    My advice would be, get off the ground! last year there was a fallen tree near where I was suppose to stand so i jumped up on it(I was about 5 feet off the ground) I ended up shooting the deer in my profile pic at 15ft and closing! Good luck!
  11. rookie10pt

    What would you have done different?

    1. Find some where to hunt besides fence lines!!!
  12. rookie10pt

    Well...I learned that lesson!!

    I was hunting out of a home made hang on stand, the support wires broke, it is the second year i have used this stand so i probably should have replaced them before putting it up this year.....
  13. rookie10pt

    Well...I learned that lesson!!

    I'm posting this in the hopes that someone will see it and learn from my mistake. Last Wednesday night I was sitting in my tree stand kinda bummed out because the farmer had come in and mowed 1/2 of the grass area that i hunt...(I don't have a drivers license, so I'm limited to hunt where i can...
  14. rookie10pt

    Best day of the Year

    SHIT!! I'm busy this weekend...dang!!:thrwrck:
  15. rookie10pt

    New to site and fairly new to bow hunting

    I plan on going out....
  16. rookie10pt

    Question About Range Finders

    Thanks guys for all the responses!! :way: I'll pass the info on.
  17. rookie10pt

    Question About Range Finders

    I got a buddy that is looking into getting a QUALITY range finder that will reach out to 1,000yds, the only problem is, he and I don't now very much about them, so....I go to IW!:way: What are some good brands too look into? And if you have any other advice chime right in!!:)
  18. rookie10pt

    2011 Alaska DIY Hunt

    Looks like you had an AWESOME time in some AWESOME country!!:way: I may be way off here but that pike looks like it is pushing 35-40in... man-o-man i wish i could ketch a fish like that:grin:
  19. rookie10pt

    Private Property Invasion

    First of all slickwilly, the dnr regs book says NOTHING about someone else being able to use YOUR stand. Secondly, on black Friday morning if you set up your camp chair outside of Bass Pro (waiting for it to open) and then walked away, ANYBODY could come and sit in it, its YOUR chair, but, its...
  20. rookie10pt

    fishing trip recap

    It all started when one about 7 months ago when one of the guys that go's to our church heard that the biggest fish that we(a few other guys and I) had ever caught was a 12in bass. So, 7 months later we are up at Lake Of The Woods, MN(he had been here a couple time before in the last year and...
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