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  1. FormulaLT1Power

    Wet nose on mounts

    I cant see the pics. I use Photobucket and use the direct link with img tags. Much easier.
  2. FormulaLT1Power

    2014 Bow Buck is Back!

    Here's the story and kill pics: http://iowawhitetail.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51964 I've been waiting for this day...as I have no deer heads on the wall, etc. I patiently waited and once I got the call, I went and got him immediately. One pic (with the plywood background is at the...
  3. FormulaLT1Power

    Mainframe 12 down

    BEAUTIFUL buck. Congrats!
  4. FormulaLT1Power

    11/15/14 score!

    I've been out a lot for the last month, and seen a lot of deer. Lots of does, yearlings, button bucks and even a few smaller bucks that need to grow. On 11/6/2014 I had a really tall 8 or 10 come to my plot, but didn't stick around long. I actually was a full draw and milliseconds from...
  5. FormulaLT1Power

    Need help finding deer

    Last night around 5pm we shot a buck at 40 yards. Buck was standing mostly broadside, maybe quartering away a bit. Using Grim Reaper mechanical broadheads. Dad shot this deer, and said he could see the arrow sticking into the deer. Said it was a little back, and a little high, but he for...
  6. FormulaLT1Power

    Euro Done

    PM me a link to the plaque? I really like that one. Looks nice. DIY Euro's are harder than they seem. Mine too me awhile as well to get it clean and degreased.
  7. FormulaLT1Power

    Gold Tip 5575 XT hunters

    Interested. Will PM when I get home.
  8. FormulaLT1Power


    I've tried all the Hi-Mountain kits except the Inferno. My favorites are Cracked Pepper & Garlic, and also Pepperoni. None of them are terrible...and I actually need to head up to Bass Pro and load up again!
  9. FormulaLT1Power

    Antler Repair?

    I'm not "mounting" the deer. I simply want an antler repair done, so I can display the antlers myself. The deer has a broken G2 with only about an inch left of what should have been 5-7 inches. I am still waiting for a wall hanger, but he's a nice deer nonetheless and I want something done...
  10. FormulaLT1Power

    Antler Repair?

    I've never mounted anything...so I have no idea where to start. PM me, for a good job...I'm willing to travel a bit.
  11. FormulaLT1Power

    Antler Repair?

    I shot a buck on Monday morning, and would like to get his G2 repaired. I live near Des Moines, and looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  12. FormulaLT1Power

    Deer recovery - this will make your day!

    Amazing video! I know how excited I have to been to find all my deer...but this brings an absolute tear to my eye, and a smile to my face. Good for him and his family, you see/hear nothing but excitement and accomplishment in his voice! Good job Big John!
  13. FormulaLT1Power

    2nd shotgun - any better?

    My buck from this morning sorry for the weird lighting: Edit: Looking for someone to fix the broken tine...
  14. FormulaLT1Power

    Sightings from Stand (11/29 - 12/6)

    Another evening sit...another evening of seeing nothing. Checked my camera that's between both stands...and it's been dead. 1100+ pics from 11/9 - 11/28. About 30 pictures from 11/28 - 12/1. I'm hanging it up...no more bow hunting until after Christmas or so.
  15. FormulaLT1Power

    Black Friday Buck

    Nice buck Rhett. Looks like I'll have an unfilled tag. Been a rough season thus far, and can't see it getting any better. I can't hunt again until December 23rd (end of shotgun seasons). Maybe my big boy will come out for me during 2nd shotgun?!
  16. FormulaLT1Power

    Sightings from Stand (11/29 - 12/6)

    Another 3+ hour sit...and nothing except squirrels.
  17. FormulaLT1Power

    Sightings from Stand (11/29 - 12/6)

    It's hard to give up mornings when the biggest bucks on my trail camera have been in the morning. I've got a 160-170 on camera @ 7:22am on 11/17/2013, and another nice buck @ 7:53am on 10/28/2013. Yes I realize those dates are "old" but it's the nicest thing to come through, and they haven't...
  18. FormulaLT1Power

    Sheds / racks

    Anyone, looking to make room for next years? :D
  19. FormulaLT1Power

    Sightings from Stand (11/29 - 12/6)

    Sat this morning...didn't see a thing...not looking good in my area. Thursday Evening = Nothing Friday Evening = Decent 8 point Saturday Morning = Nothing Beginning to wonder if I'm wasting my time...although I've got 2 nice deer on camera, so it's hard to "give up".
  20. FormulaLT1Power

    Sightings from Stand (11/29 - 12/6)

    Sitting overtop a food plot. Got in a bit before 2:30...sat in silence...around 4:05pm a decent 8 came out of the pines. He didn't stick around long...presented a shot, but I chose not to pull the string. After that...nothing. Heading back out in the morning.
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