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    Cannon safe malfunction day i need my gun....

    Skip, did it not have a keyed option underneath the keypad?
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    DPMS stock & trigger. Ruger .22 BX25 Mag

    For sale is a DPMS commercial spec adjustable stock and trigger from a Sportical. Also a DPMS grip. And a Ruger .22LR BX 25 round magazine. Stock $20 Trigger $10 Grip $5 Ruger mag $10 OBO. $5 shipping. Will combine shipping. Thanks 515-442-3906
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    Fall Cleaning...

    4 more things for sale: 1. Ruger 25 Round .22 Magazine $10 2. Magpul FDE Grip $7 3. .223 ProMags (3) $5 4. DPMS Sportical Stock Trigger $10 Shipping add $5 per item. Thanks 515-442-3906
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    44 Mag CCI Shot Shells

    For sale is a box of 10 44 Mag CCI Shot Shells. $10 515-442-3906 Thanks
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    44 Mag CCI Shot Shells

    For sale is a box of 10 44 Mag CCI Shot Shells. $10 515-442-3906 Thanks
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    Tikka T3 Hunter .243 For Sale

    Tikka T3 Hunter .243 for sale. Includes brand new Vortex Crossfire 3x9x40 scope and rings. Includes 120 Rounds of Winchester 100 grain Power Points in ammo box. Also includes gun case. This is a VERY lightly used gun. Very few rounds through it. Asking $625. Thanks 515-442-3906
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    450 Bushmaster & 5.56 For Sale

    For sale: 29 Rounds of 450 BUSHMASTER. Hornady 250 Gr. $18 150 box of American Eagle 55 grainers. $42 515-442-3906 Thanks!
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    Nasty Looking Doe- Thoughts?

    That's hilarious! Skip, I would say that it's definitely life threatening. Maybe it won't be fatal but I mean her tongue appears to be stuck outside her mouth and rotting off. And not sure whats on the throat but it's not good.
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    Shed antler buyer? SC Iowa

    Hey are there any shed buyers around the south central part of the state? Thanks
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    Off topic: highway medians

    It can't be tall enough that it obscures deer or other critters. And it sure shouldn't be seeded to forbs so as to attract deer.
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    TC omega question

    To answer your first question... No it's not normal to have to push that hard IF the rifle is clean. Unless you are talking follow ups or 2nd or 3rd shots with no cleaning. To answer your second question... NO, don't leave it 1" out. Make sure that the bullet is fully seated. I've shot my...
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    Wagon Blind

    I have 3 wagon blinds on running gear. Mine are 6x9. Like 7'6" tall to 6'6" single slope. Ive had one of them blow over. It was on top of a ridge with nothing blocking the wind.
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    TC omega question

    Use bore butter after cleaning and use TC SUPER GLIDE Shockwaves.
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    John Deere 8300 Drill

    TTT. If you're interested, make me an offer. Thanks
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