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    Did they pull another thread?

    God made everyone different.some should play ball, others should be boy scouts.
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    Did they pull another thread?

    All we need is a wet fall with a lot of corn left in and a lot less deer will be harvested. Problem may take care of itself. We are overdue for it. Two years of this in a row and numbers will boom. No I'm not a weatherman and no I don't have a crystal ball but from most I've talked to there are...
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    How many of the master debaters here recently

    Will there be beer at your booth?;)
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    How many of the master debaters here recently

    Probably has great health insurance.:D 19 posts to go.:D;)
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    2014 rule change

    IMO he doesn't need to add anything. The fact that you don't live here is good enough for me. You aren't exposed to as much local information as we. We know Iowa isn't perfect but its closer than most. Debate is a good healthy thing. I personally don't want a nr telling me our problems. If you...
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    The dirty side of whitetail hunting........

    Man this is getting awkward. Muddy wanting everyone to hug and I'm starting to think jdubs has a man crush on fletch. Dude, you're a stalker.
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    Antler Repair?

    x2--Doug Thill
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    Hush Program

    Thanks. That answered all my questions.
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    Hush Program

    I have never donated a deer to hush nor will I. Im not wanting to start a debate on it either. Does anyone know how many get donated each year or have any statistics over the years on this program? Id also be interested on how much lockers charge or are compensated on each deer, where the meat...
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    What is this?

    Man, I hope I don't get banned for this but dude, you need to purchase some Rid.
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    Public Land Problem!

    Go Army is right . Call the C O.
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    Would you Rather

    Josh, if you are hunting here at home its still early. There will be a bigger one come along. If not theres still shotgun and late muzzy season. Pete and I are trying hard not to feel the pressure. Havent talked to Hardy!!!!!
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    Great Week to Share

    Hope someday you get to sit in a stand with that little girl and watch her take a bigger buck. That's a heck of a buck!!!!!
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    Took a picture of a 280+" Buck

    That pretty much says it all.
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    Scent Drags

    They work.
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    afton area locker?

    Hunters Smokehouse north of Chariton. Great sticks. Also heard great things about Ridgeway.
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    Stolen Trail Cams

    I have 3 wildgame cameras that are junk. was gonna throw them away but if anyone wants to go to the trouble of using them for bait they can have them. I used to coyote hunt the lovila area and would give them to someone over there if you want them. Im from Chariton. 641 203 0667 don't call after...
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    New little hunter born April 1st

    Brody Michael aka deer slayer Beautiful boy congrats. Gonna be on that Harlan state champion football team in a few years.:way:
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    Thanks Booner
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    Does anyone know of a place around Ames to Fort Dodge that has any snowmobile trails? I know alot of snow will disappear in the next couple days but I was hoping for 1 last ride on the sleds. Thanks
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