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  1. IsThisHeaven?

    Honest concern with Youth Hunter bucks shot…

    My son is 9. This is his second season. He shot a 1.5 y/o last year. We have been out once so far. Going this weekend if the weather allows. A big part of it for me is he needs to put the work in all year or he doesn’t get to participate. Part of the problem is dad does all the work all year...
  2. IsThisHeaven?

    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    This is where I am at.
  3. IsThisHeaven?

    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    Vivek is a chameleon. Look into his past. It’s easy to say the right thing. Personally, I’m more interested in policy and past performance than words but I’m obviously in the very small minority at this point.
  4. IsThisHeaven?


    .7 inches where I hunt in Keokuk county so far according to a rain total app
  5. IsThisHeaven?

    Youth hunting? Tactics, what to shoot & anyone going?

    My daughter is interested in small game and bird hunting but not deer hunting. My son is 9. He shot a 1.5 year old buck on youth opener last fall. It was a great experience for him and I. We are both excited to get going in a few weeks. over the last month we got all off our cameras, blinds and...
  6. IsThisHeaven?

    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    I agree with this. I think the best you can do is find news outlets who acknowledge their political bias up front. The journalists listed earlier in this thread, and surely there are others, are about as close as you can get. But even they have political bias. Journalists who criticize people...
  7. IsThisHeaven?


    Finished everything up last night. We are all set to go. With the forecast coming up my son and I went yesterday after work and got everything finished up. Camera, blinds, stands all ready with lanes cleared. We are pretty excited.
  8. IsThisHeaven?

    Anyone else having issues buying antlerless tags?

    I think its one antlerless tag until September 15 then you can buy more after that.
  9. IsThisHeaven?


    I have Friday off work. My son and I are going Thursday after work and Friday to finish. We have 2 stands and a blind to put up. We also are putting up a couple new cameras and checking a couple others. We are pretty excited. A month to youth.
  10. IsThisHeaven?

    Buying Deer Tags Online

    I’ve done it the last few years. It works well. As was said make sure you have a couple weeks.
  11. IsThisHeaven?

    Changing the Hunting Industry- Matt Rinella- podcast & discussion

    Buying up land also negatively impacts access.
  12. IsThisHeaven?


    When I was in high school a friend and I walking to a spot we used to fish on the Mississippi River In Dubuque county. A rattle snake was on the two track. We didn’t see it. About 6 or 7 feet away it coiled up and we heard the rattle. It wasn’t backing away. We ended up not fishing that afternoon.
  13. IsThisHeaven?

    Rain totals??

    Anybody in the Oskaloosa/Sigourney area that can report what you’ve got? I was there a month ago and it was really dry. I used the website that doesn’t work as well anymore. I’ve been following closely but like so many places some of the storms pop up out of nowhere, gain/lose strength or...
  14. IsThisHeaven?

    MN passed crossbows & HOW IT GOT THROUGH!

    Stuff like this shows the value of the IBA, guys like Skip, and those of us who hate it but write/call/etc. and why we can’t let up.
  15. IsThisHeaven?

    Is Your Area Wet or Dry This Summer?

    Yep same here. Not sure when it was change. Pretty disappointing.
  16. IsThisHeaven?

    VIDEO TOPICS???? What do u want?

    Maybe public land hunting tactics. I have access to private land but I am not able to manage it. Something On how you would evaluate a new property? What would you look for when scouting it? What would your strategy be with trail cameras, possible stand locations, entry/exit, etc. That type of...
  17. IsThisHeaven?

    Sorry!!!! I failed at life…. Redemption??

    If the biggest problem we have is a forum we visit had some glitches we’re all doing ok
  18. IsThisHeaven?

    IBA Update - New Amendment to SF 553

    It’s not the “I don’t understand deer/biology” one….
  19. IsThisHeaven?

    IBA Update - New Amendment to SF 553

    Yep. Still the same.
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