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    2017 Aerials released- link below- Iowa state

    Beacon is great if your county is included. Includes property owners. Some counties graphics are much better than others. https://beacon.schneidercorp.com/
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    Thoughts on QDM (Quality Deer Management) in Iowa?????????????

    Bucks generally leave their birth area between age one and two and go 5+ miles to establish a new territory. This stops inbreeding. While I don't think shooting button's is a good practice it shouldn't hurt the mature buck population in your immediate area down the road.
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    Financing Rec land vs Rec Land + Building Home

    Keep in mind small acreage's can boost the value of the home. Homes with 5-10 acres are not that easy to find. 10 acre homesite's can easily go for $10k an acre or more. If you are buying 60 acres at say $5k an acre ($300K) its easy to get a portion of it appraised at a higher value...
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    I thought you also had to set if it was writing to the card or internal memory. I didn't think they would do both.
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    Your worst mistake

    For me I like some rapid fire when practicing. A number of my kills I literally had seconds to draw and shoot. As tension builds so does the opportunity for movement. I'll even sit in a chair quickly stand draw and shoot. Sometimes the less one thinks about it the better. I've found I...
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    Your worst mistake

    Not drawing when I had a chance or in other words waiting for a better opportunity that never came. Cost me a 195"+ that a buddy shot on my farm a couple weeks later. I was glad that he got him.
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    Not Sure What to Think

    Nothing special about my single pin. Its not one you dial for distance. I just have 1 single normal pin. Another thing I do is range landmarks right after getting in my stand so I don't have to range them when they come in. I've never killed a deer that I would've had time to do that...
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    Not Sure What to Think

    You sound like a passionate hunter and if you keep that passion I'm sure your day will come again. Do you have different pin's for 20-25-30? Sounds to me if you aim'ed a bit high, slightly misjudged the distance and he was alert upon stopping him he may have ducked under it. I've never...
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    2015 deer mounts!

    Awesome mounts and awesome deer.
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    Rut vacation

    Rut still occurs in the warm weather its just their movement is limited so much to the cooler parts of the day. If it was my main hunting time I'd hold off for some colder temps. If your a solunar guy like me days don't start getting well above average until around the 10th of Nov. thru...
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    Early rutting Action????

    I seen bucks lightly dogging does over a week ago which I thought was a bit early for my area however that was around full moon. Things are starting to heat up in a typical fashion for the end of Oct. I shot the buck in the avy on Oct 30th last year. He was lightly chasing when he came in.
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    Age and Score?

    Too race horse looking yet to be over 3.5 IMHO.
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    Age and Score?

    3.5 upper 130's to 145 gross.
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    EHD Boone County

    Good read. https://www.qdma.com/can-prevent-ehd/ Most of my creek banks or very sandy. I would assume this helps some with hindering larvae production. Found the information on salts interesting. Controls other insect populations in standing water but not the midges. In fact may help...
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    I'm fortunate enough to be able to use my landowners tag if I harvest out early and know of other good bucks in the area. I usually save it for late muzzy but usually have too much going on then to hunt much.
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    EHD Boone County

    Virtually everywhere I have heard of local EHD kills usually involves properties with standing/stagnant water. If I had this on my property I'd consider treating those area's if the cost was reasonable.
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    Does he look 4 to you?

    I'd say 4.5. Very race horse looking last year.
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    Purslane in turnips

    If the weeds are above the desirable vegetation you would be surprised how much ground you can cover with one of these. https://www.amazon.com/RED-WEEDER/dp/B00AZOSEGS/ref=sr_1_3?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1472737715&sr=1-3&keywords=weed+wick...
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    Nut Sedge in Turnips

    Agreed. I've planted WW and found it was not that attractive to them. Basically the window they hit it was very short. Definitely do not do WW alone. If you want some I'd mix in some of what Sligh1 suggested.
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    Chosing one ...

    The last two years my buddy and I harvested our "hit list" bucks off my farm. For me I might go in wanting a certain buck that I might have on camera but don't go as far as putting it in my mind that's the only buck I want. I think that could lead to a disappointing year. Simply put being in...
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