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  1. NextBuk

    Issues Posting Pictures

    heic and heif...2 different things :) I'll check into the heif thing you mention...
  2. NextBuk

    Skip Sligh

    PM him...this doesn't require a public post ;)
  3. NextBuk

    Posting Pics after the New Upgrade

    it would be hidden within the "3 dots" icon...
  4. NextBuk

    Posting Pics after the New Upgrade

    IowaBowHunter1983, please try clicking this icon...I think BBCode mode is enabled on yours. Let me know, thanks.
  5. NextBuk

    Posting Pics after the New Upgrade

    Ishi, are you using this website on your phone through the Tapatalk app or just a web browser?
  6. NextBuk

    Posting Pics after the New Upgrade

    is it still doing this for you? One quick thought... are you in "Preview" mode? The little page icon with the magnifying glass to the top right is not grayed out, indicating to me you could be in preview mode (which disables those other buttons). Usually if you click/touch them twice it'll leave...
  7. NextBuk

    Issues Posting Pictures

    Best to just avoid trying to upload .heic files from iPhones...these are "live mode" photos...they take a pic PLUS 1.5 seconds of video before and after that pic...pain in the butt to get software to deal with this format, so just don't try these...save them as another format and/or take your...
  8. NextBuk

    Convince me NOT to shoot this deer

    okay here's why... you live in Iowa (assumption). There are certainly way bigger, mature bucks you can use your tags on. Find an interested youth hunter, and let him pursue it! Getting kids hooked on this stuff, without spoiling them on giant bucks at a young age, is a key to the future of...
  9. NextBuk

    Unifying Hunters on a wide front to fight the scum bags…..

    Great points, Skip. I don't have time to comment on all of them... definitely would be open to a podcast discussion... my quick thoughts on how to quickly make a difference: - I think you make a great point about taking the heat off Iowa. Everyone wants to come to Iowa...why? Because their own...
  10. NextBuk

    Pursuit of 2 B&C Bucks from 2022

    some people learn the hard way...
  11. NextBuk


    Question guys, well, a few questions... - if I get that 36.8% stuff, what is a good amount to use in a regular size load of laundry? - Is this good to wash clothes in to begin with? - If so, what's the process for laundering hunting clothes in it? Is it just a soak, spin, then let dry, or do...
  12. NextBuk

    How do you store your Trail cam pictures using a Mac

    here are a couple articles that can help, although there isn't an ideal solution for what you describe. I don't like the Cloud handling all of my stuff. For one, 5Gb is not enough, and I don't want to pay for more storage because with my job, I have plenty of other options (external hard drives...
  13. NextBuk

    Old pear tree

    thanks, Daver! Yeah I'd heard the 30% rule for apple trees... figured it was the case for others too, just wanted to make sure.
  14. NextBuk

    Old pear tree

    Good question, Wi transplant! Skip, I have a couple big mature ones like this at a rental property of mine. They're tall, but not strong enough where I'd feel comfortable climbing up to where most of the fruit is... would it be feasible to prune it way down in height to make fruit harvest more...
  15. NextBuk

    What has hunting become???

    Not gonna happen for a while now, Paul... you blew all your luck on your BOONER MOOSE last year!! :D:D:D;)
  16. NextBuk

    What has hunting become???

    Studies have shown that social media in general, not even hunting-specific, makes you feel BAD about yourself...it lowers self-esteem because people don't necessarily project reality...man, you couple this with hunting and it just ignites this fire of jealousy and competitiveness...that's...
  17. NextBuk

    Here's My Solution to the Problems Raccoons Cause

    apples make good groundhog bait...carrots too.
  18. NextBuk

    We're Moving Site to New Server Sunday Morning - Head's Up - Read-Only Mode for a Short Bit

    This would have to do with your browser you're using and how it stores cookies & sessions. Are you able to verify nothing has changed with your browser? Or, if your IP changes because it's dynamic, that would do it too. Some browsers are setup to expire sessions every 24 hours, some whenever you...
  19. NextBuk

    We're Moving Site to New Server Sunday Morning - Head's Up - Read-Only Mode for a Short Bit

    Beg your pardon with some of the hiccups that have gone on lately guys... promise we're working towards improving the site. It's been a challenge sorting through how things were setup and how to get it onto something more stable going forward. Small steps to success, just like hunting!
  20. NextBuk

    Tree Mulching video- part 1 …

    so cool!!!! Dude I want that equipment... I'm so jealous!! Question: how do you plan out what you want to take out (or do you?) before you get in that thick mess of cedars? Obviously from the drone, it would be easy to decide... is it easy enough to figure out from the ground? Do you have a rule...
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