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    Age & Score? Had to Know what you all think.

    Primos is taking some crisp pictures. Great looking deer.

    Lots still holding

    Same here in Allamakee county seen two great bucks yesterday still holding. One was in the yard eating apples they are hitting the beans and alfalfa hard too.

    Man Fun!!

    How do you like that blower I'm looking at buying one this spring and are friends with a guy who sells that brand. We didn't get much up here in NE Iowa just blew the 4-5" around.


    Saturday I would do nothing but sit and wait Sunday you nothing to lose all bets are off.

    Slow Year Surprise

    Good activity there those lopsided two look interesting


    I agree Loneranger seems like once school starts up the heat turns up. Kids will probably have early outs. If only we could go home from work because it gets to hot. We need rain bad up here in the NE corner.

    keeping the bugs off the apple trees?

    Don't you have to pretty much spray while they are blossoming or it's hopeless after that? This is what I've heard. I've seen a lot of apples on the ground already but it's been very dry up here in Allamakee and parts of Wisconsin.

    Brian Follmann

    Sorry for your loss, just never know when it's your time, cherish every day with your family.

    Flashlights, What to buy

    $220 for a flashlight come on that thing better come with a camera on it for that kind of money. I use a $40 mag light small bright as heck and fits in my front pocket. Takes four AAA lasts me a long time has a strobe for when you need to get someone's attention.
  10. COLTER

    2013 gun tag

    Who did the taxidermy on that?
  11. COLTER

    Best case scenario

    Awesome buck enjoy your time with your brother.
  12. COLTER

    Summer flatties!

    Great fish best eating around in my opinion.
  13. COLTER


    Looking good keep em coming.
  14. COLTER

    Best youth shotgun?

    I think a Savage 220 would be a great gun for youth. Deadly accurate with a scope and easy to run. Didn't read your post well enough it wouldn't work for Turkeys.
  15. COLTER

    Got Talent?

    Awesome work and very cool looking rack, like how it tips in.
  16. COLTER

    Cool Gun

    Would not open link
  17. COLTER

    dog #2

    Congrats and a bonus with hand calls.
  18. COLTER

    Another reason to like Nascar

    Never been to that one but went to Bristol and the Brickyard a couple of times and had great times, but I'm a pretty big fan of Racing. Nothing beats your local dirt tracks though.
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