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    Bushnell Camera Warranty cut in half? 2 years to 1?

    Looks like it, but I hope not. I just bought my first Bushnell last winter. Just hung it a few weeks ago...not real impressed with night images
  2. Full Draw

    I meant PRESIDENT!

    AMEN Skip!
  3. Full Draw

    Illinios deer herd down the drain!

    I agree the herds in several states are facing similar situations, but "progress" doesn't have as much to do with it as the politics in Illinois. Like just about everything else in Illinois, the deer have been prostituted for the sake of $. Iowa is in so much better shape than Illinois, the...
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    Chubs 2014

    Congrats man. Success stories like these are the best!
  5. Full Draw

    New Mount 2012 Buck.

    I like how it demonstrates that big shoulder too. Nice Kaare.
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    Looking for an honest opinion!

    If you can farm it like Mr Sligh, it will absolutely be the best way to go. He's right, it will provide WAY more happiness than stocks, rentals, etc! They just provide headaches!
  7. Full Draw

    Looking for an honest opinion!

    QDM, you're on the right track already by asking these questions. I think the real answer depends on your goals. I own a farm, I own rental properties and I own stock market related investments. I sell real estate for a living, so I most definitely believe in owning it. Those who "lost"...
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    Sligh Buck Down

    I've done the exact same thing Skip...kinda cool to put it all together like that!
  9. Full Draw

    2013 KS Buck

    Bummer you missed the other one, but congrats on an old bruiser. How old you think he was?
  10. Full Draw

    Numero Uno Is Dead

    Way to get it done! Awesome deer!
  11. Full Draw

    Sligh Buck Down

    Beautiful deer Skip. Love the fact you waited until he was 5. My experience has been the same this year. Many deer didn't grow that much, but it's still satisfying knowing we gave them a chance to do it. Congrats.
  12. Full Draw

    Calm mornings

    JasonF, I love it, as I can relate all too well. LOL!
  13. Full Draw

    5 year old MN buck

    Nice pics man! I know the feeling...my kids get to the point they quit asking. It's tough when you're waiting for a 5+ year old buck...they don't come easy. Congrats!
  14. Full Draw

    2013 Bow Buck

    Mike, great buck, great shot, and great "huntin' boots"! They look like brown dress shoes! :)
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    Not one to demolish a company's name..But when they deserve it.

    I have had a number of Cuddebaks, and have 2 different models now. I bought two new cameras last fall, and all 3 of them are sucking the life out of batteries like there's no tomorrow. I have used them for years, but will not buy another one.
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    Where Do I Begin

    Way to go man. Congrats. Had to feel especially good after he got away the first time!
  17. Full Draw

    Chief: The Halloween Giant

    Way to go kid! That thing is a stud!
  18. Full Draw

    Will YOU post your buck on this site?

    Then why are you guys members of this forum if you won't post your deer?
  19. Full Draw

    Short-tine 10 has hit the ground!

    Thanks for posting. It was fun following him with you as you waited for him to shed this past spring.
  20. Full Draw

    Taxidermy Photos

    I have 15 head on the wall, and that Joe Meder full sneak is without a doubt one of my two favorite. I have wanted another one for years, but the taxi always tells me he can't get the right size for the capes I have had since. Awesome deer. Congrats!
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