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  1. brausch

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Thanks! I will give those a try - they seem to check the boxes for what I have encountered. Appreciate it!
  2. brausch

    Apple/Pear Trees

    How do you all keep track of which variety of tree you plant? Seems like the tags come loose over time and blow away, or the sun fades the writing. My memory isn't good enough to keep track of the 30+ that I have planted (let alone replanting when I have to replace dead ones.)
  3. brausch

    Binocular recommendations

    I have a set of Maven B2's and a set of Maven B3's. If your bio is correct and you are from Norwalk, I live 5 miles South of town, you are welcome to stop by and look through them firsthand - tough to do with Mavens, as they are not sold anywhere locally.
  4. brausch

    What's Happened?

    I guess thats the one good thing about having T250 around...never a dull moment with him. haha
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