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    This can't be legal....

    Yeah you need a tag whether it's your land or not. And at the end of the day whatever the CO says, goes.
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    This can't be legal....

    What year did the rule change to tag the deer on the antlers and not the leg?? It was a recent change, guessing four years ago maybe.
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    This can't be legal....

    ha-ha wow this post must of hit close to home. Something to hide? I think it was an honest question. If it is poaching id sure want it stopped in my area.
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    This can't be legal....

    I'm pretty sure if these were found there'd still have to be a paperwork trail. You cant just take any deer you find in the woods, you must have a salvage tag to remove the animal. And along with the salvage tag comes rules. I honestly don't think you can sell any animal in your possession that...
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    Trail Cameras

    I bought that exact browning camera and love it. I'll buy more of them here soon.
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    Trail Cameras

    550 & 880i Have sent them in three times now. Keep sending me new cameras and they won't even turn on. Customer service is junk as well. I have 15 other moultrie cameras and they are great, just the new models suck. But they have done the damage to me already, I'm out. I'm going browning for...
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    Trail Cameras

    Whatever you do don't get moultrie.
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    Policing your area

    Press charges when possible. That's what we did. No issues yet this year. Worked hand in hand the CO in my area on some other matters and things seem to be cleaned up for us now. Back to the good ol boys doing there thing with no worries.
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    Moultrie card viewer

    Have you bought any new Moultrie's this year? 550"s 880i's? I have ran these cameras for ever and have had to send four brand new ones back in they just stop working. I have been buying random brands now trying to find another love.
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    Tag your bucks!

    Agree 100%
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    Would you pass or shoot?

    Love the responses to a horrible question. Kept me interested. TH: Let's see the monster! Kick some pics out, sounds like your not the only one that knows about "your" deer so please share. He must be something really special. :)
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    Shoot or pass??- HELP!!

    Shoot em!!
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    First Hard Horned and Age Question

    The goofy racked one is older than you think. Look at the belly and brisket. Got the ol man sag to it. Shooter! First buck, 3-1/2 or strong 2-1/2. Let'em walk.
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    IC Fin & Feather

    I know what you mean. I used to have the same thoughts. I know they have a batch of new guys and I believe they have there stuff together. I may have just got lucky but figured id share since they did treat me so well.
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    IC Fin & Feather

    Been there, great place and agree 100% with everything you said. I did take my bow there, and didn't get anywhere with it.
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    IC Fin & Feather

    I've been having issues with my drop away for the past four months. It just acted like it wasn't fast enough to get out of the way and my fletching's were hitting it. Last night I took it to Fin & Feather in Iowa City, this is also the third shop I've had my bow at for this issue. The gentlemen...
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    Sleep deprived

    Good luck! Lay em down.
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    Filming Question

    Actually check the regulation book, it has it stated in there about having someone hunt with you. I believe the other party just have to have a hunting license.
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    Vacation Time

    I agree, full moon = mid day movement. I like the noon hours best, seem to be vulnerable then.
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    Vacation Time

    Second full week in November for me and then the week after Christmas for muzzleloader!
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