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  1. WillBates

    Treecoy, mock scrape, rub post- new install strategy

    Ended up putting a 4 pvc into the ground with I believe a norway spruce limb. It was pretty sappy. Added a burr oak branch and some grapevine. Added grave digger scrape fix into the soil. I guess will see how well it works. Added some Conquest rutting buck to the rub post and licking...
  2. WillBates

    Treecoy, mock scrape, rub post- new install strategy

    scotch pine is good too if you can find it! Im gonna try Ted Miller's rub horizontal post this year. Be interesting to see how well it works
  3. WillBates

    Trespasser caught on camera

    Im gonna give my 2 cents here. Im a police officer and this is how Trespass notices are handled at least on a county or city pd level. You, if you are the owner, or if the owner of the property is willing has to sign a trespass notice and it is signed by the trespasser. You can set a...
  4. WillBates

    Muzzleloader Noob

    cva accura v2 with the new nitride finish. Lifetime warrenty against rust....add some blackhorn 209 powder and a barnes or harvester bullet and your good to go!
  5. WillBates

    SW Iowa any place or person who tunes bows?

    Mike Carter aka crackers in St Joe. Good custom stringsand a great tuner
  6. WillBates

    BD's 2015 Trail Camera Thread

    Last 2 bucks look around 3.5. Hard to tell sometimes. Nice deer though
  7. WillBates

    Muzzleloader Bullets

    Blackhorn shoots more consistant out of a dirty barrel. My guns shot alitte to way off with a clean barrel vs a dirty shot barrel. I have also shot over 35-40 rounds no swabbing and accuracy is unreal. There are numerous posts and tests all over the internet about not swabbing with blackhorn...
  8. WillBates

    Muzzleloader Bullets

    Yep your right. This is why I shot 290 Barnes TEZ's. Problem with those was even with my vortek ldr and 110grns of blackhorn 209 I couldnt get decent expansion. 2 Bucks I shot with those died fast, due to heart shot and a double lung, but the bullets seemed to pencil through leaving small...
  9. WillBates

    Cross Bows in Iowa....? I hope not

    Yep I agree. Idk who many lazy bowhunters Ive talked to saying if crossbow season opens there going to them b/c they can take 1oo+ yard shots. People can argue about the whole compound vs traditional stuff, but in reality there still both bows that you have to draw back and know how to shoot...
  10. WillBates

    Never a Dull Moment Part 2

    Thats freaky. Looks like a mossberg barrel judging from the porting
  11. WillBates

    Shooting from rest

    I run a Elite 3200 3-9X40 doa 250 bone collector with 3.5-5 inches of eye relief. Never comes close to my face. If your getting scope eye, you need a scope with more eye relief or a better fitting stock. As I said in my post above about sighting in, I sighted in my muzzeloader last year...
  12. WillBates

    Shooting from rest

    I agree with this. I shoot sometimes with my hand under the forearm of my 870 on a bag but I dont really pull down. I let it recoil as natural as possible. I also will shoot without any hold as you would on a muzzleloader or high powered rifle as stated above where you dont hold the front...
  13. WillBates

    My Deer Mount

    God hes so small!...... Lol what a brute man! Congrats!
  14. WillBates

    Swhacker broadheads

    Yea if the ring isnt set right the blades will fall off. I never had any issues with reapers.
  15. WillBates

    First pull of the season

    Last years velvet pic of the 8 [/URL][/IMG]
  16. WillBates

    First pull of the season

    Nothing to impressive yet. Got pics of this buck. Wanted some opinions. Looks similar to the bladed 8 I had pics of last year, but this deer still looks young. The bladed 8 from last year should have put on more I would think and have a more mature look. If you look closely on the right g2...
  17. WillBates

    Opening day

    It looks like its going to be cold and really windy. I hope my ground blind will stay up! I pray the weather changes.
  18. WillBates

    thoughts on speed vs. Kinetic energy

    Thats a sweet rig. Im sure the whitetails dont realize that they have even been hit with that thing lol
  19. WillBates

    thoughts on speed vs. Kinetic energy

    Foc arrows arent a type of arrow. Its just a way to improve arrow penetration and flight. Every arrow has a foc percentage. Look up the foc equation to see what foc your arrows have. Arrows with good foc also recover MUCH faster from the bending or flexing that archers paradox refers to compared...
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