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  1. KnuckleDragr

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Absolutely! Congrats to Joe. We are very lucky to have him and his incredible talents in our state. I'm extremely lucky to have been one of his students. He is a true icon in the industry.
  2. KnuckleDragr

    Please Say a Prayer Tonight

    Prayers to all the families.
  3. KnuckleDragr

    Mineral Site ?

    In my experience, the salt will not allow anything to grow. Also, like mentioned, the deer will keep using the site thus not allowing plant growth should you actually get something started to grow in that location. You might try to top over it with fresh soil and then try to plant, but if it...
  4. KnuckleDragr

    2016/2017 AZ Hunting Journal

    Sorry for your loss. Prayers sent to you and your family.
  5. KnuckleDragr

    2016 Archery Antelope

    Not a bad way to cap off your summer. Congrats!!
  6. KnuckleDragr

    Our very own celebrity

    Great read, Jay!!
  7. KnuckleDragr

    Mobile tree stand setups

    I got me a muddy vantage a couple years back. Love it! I strap six muddy climbing sticks to it and it's pretty darn heavy on the back though. Especially when carrying a bow and a separate backpack for an all day sit. I need to look into a better strap system for it.
  8. KnuckleDragr

    2016 hunting- vacation related

    I've tried starting my two week vacation on or around the 1st a few times. Mainly because of other guys seeing great bucks all day. What I have found for my specific area is that this particular action doesn't really intensify until about the 10th. My best bet for my area is to start my two...
  9. KnuckleDragr

    My First Turkey

    Congrats, Curtis!! Heck of a nice tom, there!
  10. KnuckleDragr

    5 for 5

    Wow! Great story, and congrats Tyler!! The young man has quite the record going. Heck, I think it took me five years of trying before I harvested my first one.
  11. KnuckleDragr

    Your Go too call.

    My favorite is the old "frictionite" slate call from Primos, I think. I'm not much good with a diaphragm, so I use this exclusively along with half a dozen or so different strikers.
  12. KnuckleDragr

    2016 Iowa Taxidermy show

    Looking forward to it as well. Great post, Brian!
  13. KnuckleDragr

    2015 Archery Buck

    14" tines are definitely something special! Congrats!
  14. KnuckleDragr

    Iowa Landowner/Tenant Tags... SCAM?!?!?!?

    First off, I am not trying to argue. I am just uninformed and trying to understand. So if someone leases a piece of ground, puts cattle in there for some time, wouldn't they qualify as a tenant? My view is that these tags are for folks leasing land to make financial gains, however that may be...
  15. KnuckleDragr

    Survivors and sheds

    Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the Sixy. I especially like that single file turkey pic!
  16. KnuckleDragr

    Classic leaderboard?

    I tend to go about every other year. Went last year and opted out this year. I agree with the number of bucks displayed has deceased over the years for whatever reason. I suppose if you want the skinny on all the new products out there, then you shouldn't be disappointed. As for me, the average...
  17. KnuckleDragr

    The Mount of Patches

    Amazing looking mount all around. One to be very proud of for sure!
  18. KnuckleDragr

    HF 2168 Tresspassing

    I like this. Long overdue. Hope it makes it.
  19. KnuckleDragr


    FWIW...I have the 14.5 and I still bog it down in thick grass. Wouldn't even consider the 11.5. Be sure to get a couple extra belts regardless of which one you get. You will likely smoke a belt before the engine dies when in thick stuff.
  20. KnuckleDragr

    2015 season recap

    Congrats all around!
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