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  1. longtail55

    Tough season

    Just wanted to share that my season has been pretty tough and it seems the birds seem to know exactly where Im set up and they wont commit to my decoys or come to the calls. Anybody else struggling? Ive been bowhunting out of a blind with decoys and it almost seems like they know something...
  2. longtail55

    Flashlights, What to buy

    www.goinggear.com or www.candlepowerforums.com You do the research and you can find all kinds of options that are very affordable. With the LED technology nowadays you can get very powerful lights that are very small. I have an ITP A3 EOS that is the size of a tube of chapstick and is brighter...
  3. longtail55

    IW window sticker

    Why don't the admins sell them on the site? Sounds like there's a lot of requests for them
  4. longtail55

    My Antelope Herd....

    Decoys look great. I can't believe how green your grass is. Either youve had a lot more rain than the rest of the country or you've been laying the water down.
  5. longtail55

    Missing Post

    That is hilarious
  6. longtail55

    IW Decal Give Away

    Love decals for the bow case or clothes tub
  7. longtail55

    State Record? Who knows

    Def is a bummer, same thing happened to me this year but I just lost a stand. Nice Deer though
  8. longtail55

    Rain Gear

    I just bought the sitka stormfront lite. Sitka has discontinued it so you can find it onsale online. Limited sizes though. Have not had the chance to test it but had a friend that used it last year and said its top notch. It would be great if you were elk hunting because of it's lightweight...
  9. longtail55

    Some nice bucks

    Look at the brows on the 3rd buck. they look they are separate from the main beams.
  10. longtail55

    Big one

    that tall rack would make a great set of rattling antlers
  11. longtail55

    Stand Location? Thoughts? Best Place and With What winds? Any Help would be great

    Boundaries are west of the Main River and the gravel road. The creek running straight through is not currently there. So even though it looks like an island it is not. This picture must of been taken with high water levels. Yes, I do know what a deer trail is and the open fields are CRP. I...
  12. longtail55

    mock rub/scrape trees

    Great Yard Bird Pics. Nice beards on those birds
  13. longtail55

    Eating Your Turkey

    Ive never tried the italian dressing marinade. Might have to try. Do any of you have them smoked? Or made into stix?
  14. longtail55

    Eating Your Turkey

    How did you or how will you be eating your Bird?
  15. longtail55


    Thanks guys for your replies. I am having a challenging season with many birds hanging up. Was looking for some input on what others do with their decoys. Have called in many birds but they wont commit that final 100 yds.
  16. longtail55


    For you guys hunting this weekend, what decoys will you be using and why??
  17. longtail55

    SoDak Vids

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. Congrats
  18. longtail55

    turkey hunting

    Good Luck. Check out the "Turkey Shot Placement" sticky in the Long Beard Forum. I put an arrow in one the other day and thought It was a great shot, to no avail he flew off, couldn't find him, not even a drop of blood. Must of been low. Shot placement is so critical. That's why I think...
  19. longtail55

    Gun cabinet

    Awesome, this would look perfect in my basement, you should make me one:way:
  20. longtail55

    South Dakota Partner

    Did you find anybody to go? I am from SD and would be interested to hear more details on this.
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