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  1. Waddell Wannabe

    AJ's Return; TrophyPursuit.com

    AJ is a tank. That's all there is to it.
  2. Waddell Wannabe

    7-28 Card Pull

    Couple good lookin bucks there! That first freak would make an amazing wall ornament
  3. Waddell Wannabe

    Private Property Invasion

    Not gonna get in the middle this. But I don't know how you can say the site is going downhill. These kind of threads are more entertaining than ever!
  4. Map


  5. Map


  6. Map


  7. County Map

    County Map

  8. Houdini


  9. Waddell Wannabe

    Latest trophy room addition

    Wow Kaare, first off, impressive mount. I like mounts that are different like that as well. The upright, no turn, sleepy eyed look is about enough to do just that, put me to sleep. Awesome mount and awesome cave. And btw, thanks for being honest about the family and friends stuff. We all...
  10. Waddell Wannabe

    Gentleman looking for Ia. outfitter

    Windy Ridge Outfitting in Keosauqua. http://huntwro.com/
  11. Waddell Wannabe

    200 incher pics 2 yrs later.

    That last one is awesome Jclaws! You just don't get those kinda pics very often
  12. 6171-pic 1

    6171-pic 1

  13. 6171-pic 2

    6171-pic 2

  14. Waddell Wannabe

    DWilk sent me a text and....

    Derek, i was thinking about getting a faster shooting bow with higher draw weight. But you only used 45 lb. draw weight and 21 in. draw length. Did you get a full pass through? Just wanted to know your expert opinion on weaponry to be used in slaying giant iowa whitetails!
  15. Waddell Wannabe

    DWilk sent me a text and....

    DWilk just sent me a text and it looks like he has scored on a monster iowa whitetail! 6 1/2 year old monarch of the woods! I've been promised he will get pics up soon! (He's a jaw dropper!)
  16. Waddell Wannabe

    What's wrong?

    Bad genetics around your ground! Monster 5 year old! No I agree with Iowa1. Looks like he's puffed up.
  17. Waddell Wannabe

    Double D's

    :eek::eek::eek: drool slobber :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  18. Waddell Wannabe

    C'mon Stanzi!!

    Honestly, stuff like this just doesn't happen, to anyone, ever. This has to be our year!
  19. Waddell Wannabe

    Few Ass Photos

    Hahaha, when you told me about this I didn't know the donkey was gonna look like that. HEEEEAAAWW!
  20. Waddell Wannabe

    Help with a diagnosis please....

    Poor gal, that would suck.
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