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  1. z71bowhunter1965

    Lease Prices - New Level of Insanity

    Blame it on the outfitters
  2. z71bowhunter1965

    Planting trees to hunt in my yard in the future,,,,

    I've been told to plant them before the first frost.
  3. z71bowhunter1965

    Planting trees to hunt in my yard in the future,,,,

    Will it be to.late to plant my 4 sawtooth oaks,and keiffer pears first week of November? They are already 6to8ft tall.
  4. z71bowhunter1965

    Looking for a job on a farm,guess if you need a farm hand lets talk in Van Buren County.

    And I course I would like a possibility of hunting the farm that I work on.Let me know what you got in mind for pay,or just hunting rights.
  5. z71bowhunter1965

    BEST Counties in southeast Iowa

    I live there part time,running back and forth Georgia taking care of my elderly sick monther.
  6. z71bowhunter1965

    BEST Counties in southeast Iowa

    If you were looking to spend $200,000 on a NEW place to live and your last 10 yrs of your life,were else would it be than Iowa?You must have never hunted the states I've been to or hunted for that matter,so opinions do matter and research on where I want to spend my money.
  7. z71bowhunter1965


    Does anyone know what county the Bomars do most of their hunting?
  8. z71bowhunter1965


    But pouring 100lbs of bagged corn on the ground,is illegal,,just dont get it.As strict of management of laws the DNR of Iowa has on deer hunting,you would think they would crack down on this.
  9. z71bowhunter1965

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    If you could get a pretty good estimate of how many bucks were killed over 190 last year in Iowa,how many of those farms were managed to the level of the Lakoskys,Drurys,Kiskys?I would be willing to say 75% of those bucks were killed on farms that didn't have PRESSURE,,,,Remember these TV...
  10. z71bowhunter1965


    In my opinion,what Iowa needs is,change the law of hunting over standing beans and corn ran over with a bushog.Just my opinion though.
  11. z71bowhunter1965

    What time frame to plant soybeans or Alfalfa?

    These will be different plots for deer.Ive never planted either,so looking at what time to get this seed in the ground.Does Alfalfa die at first frost?I know the soybeans will make a go to late season attractive plot.
  12. z71bowhunter1965

    Jay Gregory property???

    You guys could be related,,,,lol
  13. z71bowhunter1965

    Jay Gregory property???

    Anyone know where Jay Gregorys property is?Heard it is around the Kiskys or Drurys?
  14. z71bowhunter1965

    Hello From Georgia

    What I was trying to say in a different reply,not trying to be a SMARTAZZ.But when the local Iowa resident hunters loses his ground to a outfitter or someone buying land in the state of Iowa,its life.Its been happening in other states for 30 yrs.Its sad I know,but it's all about the mighty...
  15. z71bowhunter1965

    Hello From Georgia

    Iowa has how many thousands of acres of public hunting?I am from Georgia,lost my private farm I hunted 30 yrs,so I moved on to public.If you lose land you hunted on,do some homework,find other.These people kill me with laziness,deer hunting takes a LOT of work,to get permission,not just drive...
  16. z71bowhunter1965

    Hello From Georgia

    Please explain why you feel if a non resident bought land in Iowa after spending LOTS of money he shouldn't be guaranteed a tag every year to hunt his own land?
  17. z71bowhunter1965

    Sawtooth Oak planting??

    Was wanting to plant a few of these Sawtooth Oak in my yard for shade and ofcourse for the wildlife.Is first week of November too late to plant these trees?They are only 2ft tall. Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  18. z71bowhunter1965

    200 inchers?

    Even a mature buck with one eye can detect a cell camera.Havent got another pic of him since this one.
  19. z71bowhunter1965

    New yard question for grass?

    Dont know if this is the correct forum to post but here I go.Putting the finishing touches on my landscape on my house Lador Day week.What kind of grass to plant to start my new yard,since I'm not familiar with the soil in southeast Iowa?What you guys suggest?
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