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    Youth hunting? Tactics, what to shoot & anyone going?

    I generally give youth hunters the green light on any deer that gets them excited. The window of time they are that age is too short and I want it to be their hunt. I have tried to encourage my oldest son to continue to raise the bar on what he shoots. We talk about shooting does for...
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    WTB primos double bull blind

    Not super familiar with the deluxe. Just throwing out a price would you take $225? Feel free to direct message me.
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    WTB primos double bull blind

    My Darkhorse double bull blind got wrecked in a windstorm last turkey season. Loved that blind but they no longer make them. Hoping someone has one (or similar) tucked away in good shape. Needs to be in good shape and not too faded.
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    Boston ivy

    Might work well to have it climb up tower blinds. Give some cover climbing in and out. Would be a pain if you had trim to keep from growing over windows.
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    2022 Rut vs Previous years??

    For me things seemed less intense each year. Seems like there is significantly better movement in Oct. Deer numbers seem ok in summer early fall the they seem to hunker down in the rut. Less chasing and cruising that pre ehd days. Deer seem lazy... Decent numbers of scrapes. Disclaimer...
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    Iowa House File 2410

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    Iowa House File 2410

    I believe there was a law proposed, possibly passed trying to limit buying more land for public use.
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    Need new blind

    The wind storms the past week trashed my ground blind. Any recommendations on brand for new ones. Had a primos dark horse and loved it but they don't make them anymore.
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    Warm Temps this morning had a few gobbles on the roost. I am taking my son out on his first turkey hunt this year.
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    Equipment rentals

    Good to know. Appreciate the info.
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    Equipment rentals

    Any recommendations for a place that rents skidsteer with mulch attachment or trail mower. I have spot full of multiflower roses that I plan to take out and put in a plot. Also need to do some trail clean up in the timber for better access. Farm is in southern warren county.
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    2021- the BIZARRE Year!!!!

    Curious if now that season is closed if anymore thoughts emerged. For me I think it comes down to more human pressure in a variety of forms, more dogs around than ever before and generally hot weather. Deer did not go to usual spots this late season. Think alot got pushed off the farm by...
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    2021- the BIZARRE Year!!!!

    I think it is likely a combo of a few things. Ages of does on the farm I hunt are somewhat spread out from back to back years of ehd a few years back. I think that may lead to them coming into estrous at times that are more spread out which keeps the rut feeling slower. I had several sits...
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    Youth Hunter Tactics, goals, ideas, etc???

    Can't disagree, but would add competition with other activities to the list. Youth sports are turning into a year round event, with many kids I know doing several at a time. Family calendars fill up fast. Wish our society would slow down and give kids time to explore and just generally be...
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    AZ bans trail cams

    I don't think cell cams should be allowed in season, especially on public land. Heard a story about a guy in a stand, got a pic of a buck 100 yards away on his phone and was able to immediately rattle that buck in. That seems over the line to me. I think as tech continues to advance we will...
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    New shotgun for turkey hunting

    Thanks for the recommendation. Found a stoeger 3500 w steady grip at bass pro today. Appreciate all the help
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    New shotgun for turkey hunting

    Looking in to getting a new shotgun for turkey hunting. Most stores have been slim on inventory. I was looking for a stoeger w/ steady grip. Any other recommendations for a dedicated turkey gun or locations that might have a decent selection? Hoping to stay around 800 dollar mark.
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    HF 60 NR tag allocation for outfitters

    Comments submitted. Not many, need more to make comments.
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    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    FCC fairness doctrine was done away with during the Reagan administration. Has been a number of attempts to reinstate via various bills but none have gained much traction. Probably more money to be made by media corps to sensationalize news and get people to choose a side and create a cult...
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    Success rate during different weapon seasons.

    I think pressure is the biggest factor, at least where i hunt. Big bucks vanish right about the first few volleys from shotguns. I still have not consistently figured out where they go but there are always lots of does feeding (as long as EHD doesn't wipe out the herd). I think most bucks go...
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