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  1. AZHunter

    Jacob's 3rd Coues Buck

    You know, of all people in the world, you have an open invitation to come chase our majestic Coues deer with us. If you get drawn, we'll put in the work and find you a good one to outshine those Iowa dinks! :p
  2. AZHunter

    AZ NWTF Raffles

    Its that time of year and its been a while since I've shared these opportunities back in Iowa! We have our annual 31-Day Gun Raffle up and running. We're giving away a great firearm every day in January. Purchase your tickets by December 15 to get entered into the early bird chance at a...
  3. AZHunter

    Jacob's 3rd Coues Buck

    My son drew the late youth hunt in 33 down in SE AZ. We'd be hunting east/southeast of Tucson. Opening day was the Friday after Thanksgiving. We made a family plan to head down Wednesday, picking up our daughter up at UofA, and have a family camping trip followed by a deer hunt. Our good...
  4. AZHunter

    Scope has been SOLD.

    Care if I share this link in Coueswhitetail down here in the AZ?
  5. AZHunter

    Scope has been SOLD.

    Great scope and that would probably go fast out here in AZ. Someone needs that on their Coues rifle!
  6. AZHunter

    Great Rifle Opener in MO

    That's awesome and congrats!
  7. AZHunter

    San Juan River NM Fly Fishing Trip

    I won't take a whole lot of arm twisting to get me to meet you over there!
  8. AZHunter

    San Juan River NM Fly Fishing Trip

    Like I said the other day with my son's elk hunt, I miss hanging out on IW. It keeps me in touch with my Iowa roots and the good folks back in Iowa. So here's a western fly fishing adventure for you all! A little over a year ago, one of my dad's Army buddies from Vietnam told me one of his...
  9. AZHunter

    Son's AZ Unit 10 Youth Elk Hunt

    WAY TOO FAST! He'll be 16 in December. UP next is my Coues hunt starting Nov 10 and then his youth deer hunt (Coues only for him) starting on Nov 24. We'll be having a campout Thanksgiving down southeast of Tucson!
  10. AZHunter

    Son's AZ Unit 10 Youth Elk Hunt

    Thanks, Jarin! Its been way too long. You know you're always welcome down here!
  11. AZHunter

    Son's AZ Unit 10 Youth Elk Hunt

    I always realize I'm not on here near as much as I used to be and then I realize how much I miss being on this site. I keep replaying Friday afternoon, Oct 6, in my mind and am so proud of our son, Jacob. I'm also thankful for the friends (family) that helped make this happen. "Grandpa" Goose...
  12. AZHunter

    Looking for vortex red dot

    Check any angle you can to qualify for a pro deal through Expert Voice. You can get Vortex for 40% off. Got my Venom through there and its been solid.
  13. AZHunter

    Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x56 FS

    I had an issue with my old Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50 so I sent it back to Zeiss in December. It was apparently beyond repair, so they sent me a replacement instead. They sent me a Conquest V4 3-12x56. It has the Z-plex #20 reticle. It has a 30mm tube with capped turrets, 1/4-moa adjustments...
  14. AZHunter

    History of this site

    I just realized I haven't logged in here in way too long. I joined Back in 2007 or 2008 after my good friend from high school convinced me. Its helped me stay in touch with my central Iowa roots and I've made some good friends along the way. I need to be better about checking in. I've got...
  15. AZHunter

    Youth Turkey Vest and Youth Upland Bird Vest

    Vests are sold pending funds
  16. AZHunter

    Youth Turkey Vest and Youth Upland Bird Vest

    My kids have outgrown all of their youth stuff now. Time to find a good home for another youth. Both youth XL and in excellent condition. $20 each. In Flagstaff, AZ and will ship at buyer's cost. NWTF JAKES turkey vest Upland Bird Vest
  17. AZHunter

    Huge sunfish

    Yep, that's a Havasu red-ear. They're eating quagga mussels like they're candy and getting fat! Its on my list of things to do, too!
  18. AZHunter

    Ryder’s First Bird

    So frickin' cool, Jarin!!! So. Frickin. Cool!
  19. AZHunter

    Mexico Trip #2

    I hunt Coues in AZ and I have friends that hunt and guide for Coues in Mexico. Everything I'm told is that it's a whole other world down there. You can see more deer on a hillside in one morning than in a 4-day hunt in AZ or NM. Congrats on a great Coues buck! What outfitter did you go with...
  20. AZHunter

    Texas Rio Gobbler

    I just realized I haven't been on here in a long time and I finally got my Texas Rio on my 3rd spring trip to TX. A good buddy and I took off to Texas chasing turkeys April 6-9. This journey started a little over a year ago. I was chatting with a guy that served with dad in Vietnam about his...
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