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  1. patch86

    45lb Hoyt Dorado

    Have a 45 pound Right handed Hoyt dorado. I bought it as a back up now for hunting season and I never shoot it. Figured might as well get rid of it to someone that will shoot it more. It's never been hunting and shot very very little. Strings are basically in brand new shape. Looking to get 475...
  2. patch86

    Mobile tree stand setups

    So this is a dumb question but it's something I've been thinking about cuz I'm planning on doing this on public this year. So when you get to the tree and hang your stand what do you do with the frame/ straps of the Molle system. Leave it attached to the stand?
  3. patch86

    Avian x and flambeau stormfront mallards decoys

    Have a half dozen avian x mallard decoys. Brand new never used have only opened the box plus stormfront mallards in the same condition. Only the box has been opened. I also have a dozen rigem right lines with weights on them. 36 inches long. Same thing brand new. Looking to get 120 for the...
  4. patch86

    CVA Optima for sale.

    I have a basically brand new CVA for sale. Bought it about three years ago and have shot it maybe 10 times. Have taken very good care of it and has been cleaned very well. Basically looks brand new. It has the case it came with and the konus scope that's on them. Plus some powerbelt bullets and...
  5. patch86

    Bino harness / case???

    Check out alaska guide creations. Many different models and customer service is great.
  6. patch86

    Clothes smoking

    I'm all about smoking my clothes. I used it a couple years back then tried going back to my normal scent regiment. Smoking my clothes has been so much more successful then trying to be scent free. Had deer downwind of me many times this year and haven't blown yet. Had does feeding downwind of me...
  7. patch86

    Worthless so called hunters.

    Sad to say it but you can't trust many people these days. I was out moving a stand the other day and came by a gut pile. Which is no big deal I know other people hunt this spot but the pile of beer cans and trash around it was what disgusted me! People have no respect.
  8. patch86

    Cold front

    I'll be out in the morning and sit as long as I can but I have family obligations all weekend. But I'm off again all next week and the following week. Should only get better.
  9. patch86

    October is killing me!

    Just wanted to rant and hear some feedback. With my limited amount of vacation and kinda hectic work schedule I could either hunt and even amount in October and November or scratch basically all of October and hunt most of November. Well for obvious reason I've only been out 3 times in October...
  10. patch86

    crew utv

    I also have a 2012 Polaris ranger. Of course only a three seater but a very nice rig for sale
  11. patch86

    Arrow building

    Well I've fully committed to traditional archery. The carbon element is for sell and I've been shooting my super kodiak full time. I've been shooting carbons but figured if I'm gonna do it I'll go all out. I ordered some semi finished wood arrows from 3 rivers. They are already stained and...
  12. patch86

    LH bowtech heartbreaker

    Selling my wife's black Bowtech heartbreaker. It has 40 to 50lb limbs. Black and hot pink string. Bought it brand new a little under two years ago and it has less the 100 arrows through it. It's never been taken hunting. Has the RAK package on it which is a five pin try glo sight, octane hostage...
  13. patch86

    Point weight?

    I'm getting into traditional archery after this season is finished. I've been do as much research as possible but there's one thing I'm still confused/ unsure about. What's everyone's opinion of field point/ broadhead weight? What is a common weight 125 150 or heavier?
  14. patch86

    Trad vs Wheels

    I was thinking the same thing . Only my mind is made up. This is the last season with the compound. Getting a recurve after season is over. Can't wait
  15. patch86

    Diamond Liberty Bow and accessories

    Diamond liberty 29 inch draw. It's a 60 to 70lbs. One year old blue and black vaportrail string. Has a three arrow kwikee quiver. Whisker biscuit arrow rest with an unknown trophy ridge sight. The sight needs replaced it's nothing special but bit has killed numerous deer. Also has a 7 inch...
  16. patch86

    Random bowhunting equitment

    Running low on the cash flow due to my son being born. Have a few hospital bills that are backing up. Figured id sell some of the things that im not currently using. I have a dozen muddy bloodsport2 arrows. 400 spine with .001 straightness. That are for sale. No price set up for an offer. Have...
  17. patch86

    My new hunting buddy as arrived!

    Here's my little man. Hopefully this works
  18. patch86

    My new hunting buddy as arrived!

    Bently Tyler Patchett arrived today. At almost nine pounds he is definitely taking after his dad but after 10 hours of labor he got his mothers stubborn side. Looking forward to many great years with jr. :)
  19. patch86

    Releases and stabilizer

    I have two tru fire hardcores with hook style and a tru ball beast with the hook. I'd take prolly 60. They are basically brand new. I live in Knoxville.
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