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  1. bowtech150

    Iowa Whitetail Truck Decal

    I asked about one last year and never got a reply back. :/
  2. bowtech150

    FOR SALE: QAD Ultrarest HDX- Black

    Is this still for sale?
  3. bowtech150

    ugly Rack

    I think that's pretty dang sweet!
  4. bowtech150

    Swhacker broadheads

    I like shooting them. I've watched every deer fall from my stand. Big holes. Longest shot was a 53 yard shot. They fly very well and leave good blood.
  5. bowtech150

    WTB Athens Recluse

    Been looking around for a recluse with not much luck. Anybody have one for sale?
  6. bowtech150

    Chewy moral mushrooms

    Need to identify their plants as Poke weed
  7. bowtech150

    Got "Rookie" back from taxidermist, broken ear an all!

    What a beaut! Love the spread..
  8. bowtech150

    Dang it.....

    Good thing you are the one that found it though! Nice uniform deer.
  9. bowtech150

    Chewy moral mushrooms

    Want some good little wild grapes that taste....uhh great try these little poisonous uncooked devils
  10. bowtech150

    Hot Lease - Must See

    Where is the catalog for choosing what deer you want them to release from the pen in your "fair chase atmosphere" :)
  11. bowtech150

    Dang it.....

  12. bowtech150

    2013 bow - new form

    What is he charging over that way?
  13. bowtech150

    Moose in Iowa

    I'm not sure but I do know I have a property close to where it was running. Be a sweet find!
  14. bowtech150

    Moose in Iowa

    Got out of someone's game preserve I wonder?
  15. bowtech150

    Moose in Iowa

    Anyone else hear about the moose that is roaming around Stanwood and Tipton area in cedar county. Hope it brings friends!
  16. bowtech150

    Tips and tricks for coyote hunting.

    Sweet thanks for some of this info. I'll be sure to try some of these ideas.
  17. bowtech150

    Tips and tricks for coyote hunting.

    Been out at least a dozen times now in areas where there are good populations of coyotes. I think I am in need of some insight on some things everyone uses to get these pesky creatures into range. Kinds of calls you use this time of year and other times, setups etc.... Anybody got anything.. you...
  18. bowtech150

    Dads Jan. 10th unlucky/lucky day

    My season came and went and no deer tags filled. Missed a couple deer. Broadhead failure I will say. Dad had a great year, killed 5 deer with the bow. Filmed two kills and got lots of good footage. So last day of the season I get the play by play while I watch squirrels. About 3:45 dad texts me...
  19. bowtech150


    Thanks for the info guys. I'll call around and get some prices.
  20. bowtech150


    I was hoping to get some ideas on some good gunsmiths. I have one hammer style 410 that does not engage the firing pin anymore. I also have a 22 410 that needs a new firing selector switch in it I assume. Was hoping to get some contact info maybe of someone in muscatine or surrounding area...
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