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  1. buckfever57

    Need help!!! Tracking buck shot with muzzleloader in shoulder

    Some of you guys just use this site to boost your ego don't you? I stopped using this site for a reason and looks like I'm gonna stop using it again. There are a few people on here that are helpful and others that are idiots.... how dumb do you think I am that I would shoot at the head or not...
  2. buckfever57

    Need help!!! Tracking buck shot with muzzleloader in shoulder

    Well spent a day and half looking for the buck with no luck.. started back at spot where I shot him and there was blood splatter at impact and then followed his tracks for 50 yds till next drop of blood. Once he got to edge of timber there was a nice spray of blood then very little to bottom of...
  3. buckfever57

    Need help!!! Tracking buck shot with muzzleloader in shoulder

    I don't think I hit in lower leg. I have hit some that way when I used to shotgun hunt and the leg would drag and dangle. This buck crumpled his leg to his chest and fell on his face before he trotted off. To me it seems like I hit shoulder but idk. This is first deer I have shot with...
  4. buckfever57

    Need help!!! Tracking buck shot with muzzleloader in shoulder

    Lastnight was out hunting and had group of deer come out in field I was sitting in with a nice buck. I stalked down the field edge to get closer because was running out of day light. I got with in 150 yds of buck and the does hopped fence to my left and we're 30 yds from me. I waited till the...
  5. buckfever57

    Trailcam pro photo contest

    Sweet pic perfect timing for the camera!!! Nice buck too! Voted for yours and I like yours the best out of all of them. The chances of getting timing just right for a pic like that is not very high. Good luck hope u win! P.S. if u have a chance to vote for mine please go to trophyrock.com and...
  6. buckfever57

    2 Lone wolf hang-ons with sticks

    Still for sale? Any way can see pics?
  7. buckfever57

    Swhacker broadheads

    Rage hypodermic. Nuff said!! Ino they r expensive and if shoot a deer gonna need to replace blades but by far best broadhead I have used. Accurate sharp and very lethal. Look up article in bowhunter magazine about broad heads. Rage tested top 4 in most to all the categories they tested. And...
  8. buckfever57

    Piebald buck

    Just read something interesting about Iowa and piebald deer. It said something about being 50% in order to be legal to shoot. Does anyone else know what the law is? Would that make this one illegal or legal to shoot? Confused why they would protect them when most to all piebalds and albinos...
  9. buckfever57

    brushy creek bass??

    I love fishing any species but out of them all I LOVE catching bass. I have a few farm ponds that are good but can't always get access to them. Used to fish Paulina when it was good but since they killed some off its tough to get a bite. Okoboji is a little big for me since I don't have a boat...
  10. buckfever57

    Walleyes Biting?

    Went up to spirit lake over weekend and caught a few and one 27 inch northern on yellow crank. Caught a few of walleyes on a crank and most with slip bobber and Leach. Problem is we caught em from midnight to 4 in morning. Still had fun tho
  11. buckfever57

    2014 Iowa Taxidermy show and competition

    Mis read the date sorry! Looking forward to seeing the pics
  12. buckfever57

    2014 Iowa Taxidermy show and competition

    Did you take any pics?
  13. buckfever57

    Black vs. Camo

    I have a black out Hoyt with flo orange strings and family and friends keep asking if the animals will see it. My reply is by the time they see it an arrow should be zipping threw them. :) so I'm not worried. I just ordered the new carbon spyder black out with orange strings again.
  14. buckfever57

    quiver that works with hha sight

    After looking around I think I found wht I'm gonna use. G5 makes a quiver bracket extension and can mount quivers to it so won't get in way of the dial. It doesn't Mount to the sight it mounts to brackets built into the bow on the Hoyt. Kinda like Mathews quivers do. Now I just have to decide...
  15. buckfever57

    quiver that works with hha sight

    Hey guys I'm looking at buying a new bow and setting it up soon and need your opinions. I'm giving my Hoyt spyder 30 to my dad and I'm gonna order the new carbon spyder 30. I currently have a fuse quick detach quiver with a true go one pin slider sight. I love having the one pin sight but I...
  16. buckfever57

    2014 Iowa Deer Classic Pics

    After taking my deer down there and the sheds last year I have made my mind up that the scoring system is flawed. For a typical buck it works just fine but on a non typical they deducted the points for it. To me a non typical should add all the abnormal points and not deduct from it just cuz its...
  17. buckfever57

    Panoramic 150

    Camera works good and batteries seem to last awhile. They lasted all season. I like that u can see a big POV works good for a food plot or over looking a field. The only thing I don't like is that you have to zoom in to see wht deer it is and since you zoom in the pics get a little blury. But...
  18. buckfever57

    Taxidermy School.

    Looking into learning the trade of taxidermy and looking for best school to go to. So far I am thinking bout going to northwest Iowa taxidermy school in spirit lake to get a start at it and some day would like to go to Joe Meders and learn from the best. Just wondering if any of u have ever...
  19. buckfever57

    antler auctions and mounting questions

    Yes u r correct on that it doesn't add up. When I first posted it was just done by a friend at scheeles before I took to the classic to have them scored. Just wanted to clear :) but thanks for the ideas all great info!!
  20. buckfever57

    antler auctions and mounting questions

    Thanks for the input! I have just been looking around at doing it as of right now I haven't decided wht I want to do. (I don't need to do it right away).... I'm just looking at all options. Might just get it mounted alone.. have also thought bout going to school to do taxidermy and antler...
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