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  1. Brett Morris

    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    Praying over you and your family Scott
  2. Brett Morris


    Congratulations! What a story & what a cool deer. I absolutely love big framed old bruisers!
  3. Brett Morris

    Shoot or Pass

    Arrow is headed down range, no doubt. Probably true of a 140" buck as well. My goal at this point is to increase camaraderie & top-shelf hunting memories. I had a young guy hunting our personal farm last night during EM. Gave him the green light on anything. I can't imagine at the end of my...
  4. Brett Morris

    Sitka Fanatic Jacket - Large

    I've got a Sitka Fanatic Jacket for sale. It's the right-handed bow hunter edition. I upgraded last fall so that's the only reason I'm selling it. Just had Sitka put a brand new zipper in it last fall, hasn't been worn since. Only issue is it's not as fluffy as it was brand new, otherwise 0...
  5. Brett Morris

    Land prices / insane!!!

    I'd be interested in learning more as well Obsessed
  6. Brett Morris

    Hunting blinds?

    Would never buy another Muddy. Got a great deal on one but it's a joke. They wouldn't stand behind their warranty and will do anything to avoid resolving the issue. I bought it prior to GSM and it had a LIFETIME WARRANTY which must have meant the lifetime of the fruit in my refrigerator...
  7. Brett Morris

    Sparten cams for sale

    3G & US Cellular?
  8. Brett Morris

    Climbing Sticks

    Ishi what part of the Skeletor sticks are glued? I've got a set on their way and am trying to figure out what part is glued on before I rip them out of the package & fully commit to them. Hope all is well!!
  9. Brett Morris

    This Deer Looks Familiar…

    Skip your reaction is the BEST. Congratulations man!!
  10. Brett Morris

    Polebarn-Cabin contractor

    You're absolutely correct. I was speaking to the fact that he referenced a portion of the state that I live in & the work the Amish do nearby. They absolutely do good work, I wouldn't argue that. I think Dodge makes really good trucks but it doesn't mean I'd buy one. This is similar...
  11. Brett Morris

    SF 2011 Youth Season Deer Tag Sales

    This one should be supported. No brainer IMO.
  12. Brett Morris

    Polebarn-Cabin contractor

    Proline in New Sharon or Numark in Pella. You get what you pay for, personally I wouldn't ever go Amish
  13. Brett Morris

    Soft side redneck blind NEW!

    If it's the stand & blind both I'll take it
  14. Brett Morris

    Barnes Spitfire MZ bullets

    No reason not to put it right on the shoulder with a gun of any caliber IMO
  15. Brett Morris

    New guy from Sask

    I've dreamed of hunting Sask my entire life! Looking forward to your input!
  16. Brett Morris

    New Plots in hay ground-No Till Drill

    I did 8 acres of food plots a few years ago into pastured ground for over 30 years. Worked amazing but I did a full rate of fertilizer which was critical. Moisture to get them up & out of the ground was super critical too. Tried it again this year and they burnt up before they could ever emerge.
  17. Brett Morris


    Congratulations, let the fun begin!! You can make a heck of a difference with a chainsaw. I'd watch everything you can find on YouTube related to improving your farm. WHS has some good ideas but I can only watch so much of that guy before I'm burnt out lol Let's hear some details on your farm...
  18. Brett Morris

    Things to Know

    We bought our first farm a little over 3 years ago, just under 120 acres total. It's 10 miles from our house and I absolutely love it. We gave up a little quality for the convenience of being close to home but I wouldn't change it for anything at this point. With 5 kids it would be a nightmare...
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