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  1. SouthernIowa

    Having trouble sending PM's.

    I tried logging out and signing back in and I also emptied all messages both sent and received and i still can't get one to send?
  2. SouthernIowa

    Having trouble sending PM's.

    I've had a couple guys recently that have personal messaged me and I haven't been able to respond. Any help in resolving this problem?
  3. SouthernIowa

    Bow Kill 11-13-14

    Well, after many hours in a tree and questioning my sanity a few times, I finally connected on one of the bucks I was after. I named him Rocky because he had a few broken tines in 2013 and was obviously a fighter. I had some previous history with Rocky from last year. I didn’t get any pictures...
  4. SouthernIowa

    Bought me a New Holland and implements!

    Id say you got an awesome deal! I bet all of that will come in really handy!
  5. SouthernIowa

    Accessing land locked public hunting land

    Great question! Sorry I can't help at all but I'm interested in the answer to this also.
  6. SouthernIowa

    Set Up

    Pretty sure its the tactical Heli M.
  7. SouthernIowa

    Wtb slug gun

    A Remington 870 is hard to beat.
  8. SouthernIowa

    age/score help

    I'd also guess him around 155-160. He has some really nice G4s on him.
  9. SouthernIowa

    Mature Buck?

    Those long split brows will help push the score up too. Id say he could still put a couple inches on his tines. Stud of a deer no matter what he scores.
  10. SouthernIowa

    Mature Buck?

    Id say yes , my guess is hes 4 or 5. And even if he wasn't would you really be able to pass him lol? I passed a 160 3 or 4 year old last year and that was really tough. Hes a LOT bigger than 160!
  11. SouthernIowa

    Recent Damascus knife

    Thats awesome! Mind if I ask how much one of those would cost?
  12. 9967-2010 Bow Buck 2

    9967-2010 Bow Buck 2

  13. SouthernIowa

    Biggest Bow Kill

    Third biggest rack at 151" but by far the biggest neck. This guys body aslo really makes his rack look smaller. Wish i had a better body pic of this old dude. His neck wasnt too big because i shot him early but he had a giant body on him. Rack had gone down hill the last two years.
  14. SouthernIowa

    Bow upgrades and trade-ins

    I bought a Mathews Drenalin when it was brand new, so around 5 years ago and I just sold it for $400 with everything still on it. I think Scheels was going to give me around $200? The bow was $900 bare and probably had $1500 in accessories on it. Just bought the new Mathews Creed and paid a...
  15. SouthernIowa

    New Mathews Creed

    Thanks for the reply! Ill have to check those Eastons out. I put this same post of Huntingnet.com and alot of ppl said to check out GoldTips so im checking those out too.
  16. SouthernIowa

    New Mathews Creed

    Went and shot the three new Mathews bows today. I was hoping to like the ZXT since its $800 but i fell in love with the Creed right away it just felt amazing. The cams were a little more aggressive than Im used to but the back wall was rock solid and it was totally DEAD in my hand, it was super...
  17. 9967-pict0004


  18. SouthernIowa

    New Hunting Property Help

    I wouldn't have been upset at all if they would have said no. I know my Dad has told a lot of people no because I hunt our farms. When I get stands in there Ill tell the land owners where they're at and that their grandson is more then welcome to hunt them if he wants.
  19. SouthernIowa

    One thing to take to next year that is different from last year-

    I learned not to try and shoot right behind the should blade. Hit a really nice buck this year in the shoulder blade and never found him just because I held too tight behind his shoulder. Going to be practicing shooting about 6 inches back on a life sized deer target so it will be second nature...
  20. SouthernIowa

    New Hunting Property Help

    They were hesitant at first because they have a grandson that just started bow hunting. They know me because I grew up on a farm not too far away and my Dad is actually the one who had surved the piece to put it in WRP. If it wasnt for them knowing me and my family I dont think theres anyway I...
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