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  1. G4FARMS

    Hey TeenageHunter

    Saw this on Facebook. Several photos titled “Vegan Hunting Photos”. Made me think of you and your cat. #teenagehunter
  2. G4FARMS

    2 Covert MP8

    PM atcha.
  3. G4FARMS

    2 Covert MP8

    $80 for both or each?
  4. G4FARMS

    Recommendations for best hunting swivel chair?

    Oh, and Rogers in Liberty Mo has muddy chairs on sale. $60 each if you buy 2. Free shipping. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/muddy-swivel-ease-ground-seat
  5. G4FARMS

    Recommendations for best hunting swivel chair?

    Last year my muddy swivel blind chair started squeaking in cold temps. The only thing I had in the blind was some Nose Jammer that I keep in my pack in case of a wind switch. Turns out it was a $10 can of chair lube. Worked great.
  6. G4FARMS

    CuddeLink Cell cam system

    The $400 version will work without cell activation but not the $200 version (k cam). They wanted to get that price point down figuring they would make it up in monthly cell service is my guess.
  7. G4FARMS


    Screwing the mount to the tree or screwing the security box to tree is the only way to go. To much weight in the bulky camera for just the strap alone in my opinion.
  8. G4FARMS


    Call cuddeback and go through your settings with them on the phone and camera in hand. There might be something in your settings that can help. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but my cams with a lower signal (further away from a linked camera) seem to drain batteries faster than ones...
  9. G4FARMS


    Personally, I save my pics to a folder if there is a deer that I want to keep the pic of, otherwise I just delete the email. Have you tried the solar charger on the cell base yet?
  10. G4FARMS


    Glad to help.
  11. G4FARMS


    http://www.farmsteadarchery.com/cuddebackcuddelinkhomecellverizon.aspx This link is for the cell base (not cam). A cell base and a separate cam is cheaper than the cell cam combo. $400 vs $500 from what I have seen on prices. My orders have arrived within a few days with farmstead and free...
  12. G4FARMS


    Best price I have found on the multipack cams plus free shipping. http://www.farmsteadarchery.com/cuddebackcuddelinkblackflash.aspx
  13. G4FARMS

    Iowa Whitetail window decal

    E-mail Sent
  14. G4FARMS

    Midwest Whitetail TV show?

  15. G4FARMS

    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    Winke's thoughts on it: Question from "Ask Winke" Bill, what are your thoughts on the new law that just passed that will allow rifles that shoot straight wall cartridges during Iowa’s shotgun and youth seasons? Bill responds, It doesn’t seem like a game changer to me. From what I gather...
  16. G4FARMS

    Non-Resident Questions for Kansas DIY Rio's

    Combo permit allows you to kill 2 birds. Why they call one a tag and one a permit I dont understand either. Cheaper if you call and purchase over the phone by the end of the week. My combo and hunting license was $185 on the money (non Kansas resident). Add $7.50 (I think) if you wait and...
  17. G4FARMS

    Pursuit Channel

    Here is Winke's response when I asked him about his show no longer on the Sportsmans channel. "We pulled it in favor of streaming and all-digital TV. Two reasons: we had to buy the airtime on the Sportsman Channel network to run the show on each year and it kept getting more expensive every...
  18. G4FARMS

    Pursuit Channel

    Big fan of Midwest Whitetail also. They do a class act with their shows. I noticed that I couldn't find it on any of my outdoor channels so I went to the "Ask Winke" section of the website and it looks like they no longer do a TV version of the show on the Sportsmans channel. Luckily I watch...
  19. G4FARMS

    15 ft ladder stands

    If luckdraw doesn't take them, I would like to be next in line.
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