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    Late muzzleloader conditions

    I'm going to go tomorrow.
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    Daughter takes a big one with her 450

    Nice job Erin!
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    Moving to NE Iowa soon and have some housing questions and looking to make some new connections.....

    Good luck with your move. I haven't looked a lot but if you live in land from the river a little its much cheaper then right on the Mississippi.
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    Lets do a age and score !!

    Old and 144. Great deer.
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    Recovering someone elses deer

    How many days does it have to lay before you can bring it home without a tag and call it a dead head in the shed forum? It sucks but it is what it is. I do agree they should have tagged it since season is still going on.
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    Another survivor buck story inspired to share by Sligh's story

    Crazy tough critters. Awesome deer, thanks for sharing the story. He's gotta be knocking on 200s door easy.
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    How to clear misfire??

    stick a small piece of wire in the flash hole, and then put another primer on and try it again
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    Archery buck

    Nice job, way to stick with it.
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    11/9 Buck, a long story pic heavy as usual

    Awesome hunt and thanks for sharing.
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    Old 8

    Awesome, always fun to close the deal on an old warrior you have history with.
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    A Filled Tag VS Eating one.....

    Great post guys. I've dedicated my season to one deer and I'm fine with tag soup. I actually have several recipes for it, lol.
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    The Four Draw Giant

    Nice deer!
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    Kids are so innovative

    That's awesome.
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    Lyon's trail camera thread

    Cool pics, and good luck this season!
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    Same buck?

    Yep, I'd say.
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    RESPOND NOW!!!! Suggestions from any hunter!!!

    How about a segment where you go into a new farm, how you choose stand sights, entry exit routes, plot locations, bedding, etc. Its all been covered before, but not as a whole on a new property.
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    NRA after IDNR

    They do good things, but things like this have made me reluctant to give them my money.
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    Just one thumbnail size grey for last night in Fayette county. I'm going to head south a ways and check for some more tonight.
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    Big 9 repaired

    That's way cool. I always wondered what I would do in your situation. With the way yours turned out I know who to get ahold of.
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