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  1. DoneRight

    What to do??

    Rule #1 can't kill a deer if your sitting in the couch! I've killed numerous deer after a slight warm up after a slight cold snap. Do they move better in the cold? Yes they do. But right now is the best time to kill a good one in my opinion. They are searching for the last hot doe. So if you...
  2. DoneRight

    Rub-Tree size

    What dubbs said the height of the rub will tell you more than anything else
  3. DoneRight

    Scent Control:

    I shower with scent free soap, wash and dry clothes with scent free stuff, then directly in a scent free bag and I put some ever calm on the inside of the bag. I try to pay attention to the wind still have few issues with getting busted even with deer directly down wind
  4. DoneRight

    Confidence Killer (story of last season)

    Just keep after it ! It happens to everyone at some time or another
  5. DoneRight

    Best days of the rut

    Halloween to thanksgiving. Any day can be great just depends on where you are. Agree most activity between November 2-14th. Can kill a big one any time, but you can't do it from the couch!
  6. DoneRight

    Venison Recipe's

    One of my favorites is to cut some chunks of stew meat 1" cubes . 1- 1.5 lbs . Salt and pepper or season with your favorite seasoning and throw them in a frying pan with clarified butter or olive oil on med high heat and fry until medium rare. Then add 2 small boxes of frozen spinach and cook...
  7. DoneRight

    Venison prep

    This. It's the fat that carries the gamely flavor. Trim the fat . Venison osso buco is awesome!
  8. DoneRight


    Got a solution for you.... 17 hmr and a 22 pistol . Patience is key
  9. DoneRight

    JUNIOR gets drafted!!!

    Congrats! That is a huge achievement !
  10. DoneRight

    Saskatchewan Black Bear

    Congrats! I've been to Gary's on a fall hunt and they run a top notch camp! Congrats on a great bear!
  11. DoneRight

    where to buy seed

    United Seed in Des Moines is where I go or order from Welter usually here in a couple days
  12. DoneRight

    advice on getting new properties to hunt

    In my honest opinion. It will take more than a letter to get permission from an out of state land owner or even one that is in state and lives aways away. At least a phone call to an out of stater. If the person is in the state phone call and then take the time to drive there and introduce...
  13. DoneRight

    CW Journal

    Was it woven wire fence? I've found birds won't cross woven wire because they can't get under it. Same with really low barbed wire.
  14. DoneRight

    Deck project

    Another vote for Trex super easy to work with. Like Oct lull said mind your spacing and don't over tighten your screws. It needs to be able to expand and contract with the weather a little.
  15. DoneRight

    3rd season bird

    Nice bird! Congrats!
  16. DoneRight

    Minnesota/Wisconsin bear hunts?

    In my opinion after having hunted Minnesota and Saskatchewan I'd go to Saskatchewan every time Just more bears and greater opportunity
  17. DoneRight

    Dad's 3rd season bird

    A bird is a bird wether he's pushing a walker or not ! Congrats to your pops!
  18. DoneRight

    Turkey Population

    Don't know where you're all hunting but in sc central Iowa things are on the up rise I counted close to 25 toms on 300 acres popping off this morning counted over 35 jakes throughout today's scouting session. Future looks promising. Nobody mentions it but how does the avian flu affect wild...
  19. DoneRight

    Tom Down

    Nice bird Biebs!
  20. DoneRight

    Pressured birds

    Scout scout and scout some more. Be patient. Sometimes no decoy is better. I've had more birds kill themselves by being in the right place and them looking for something they will never find.
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