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  1. Simmshunter

    Weather app for wind??

    Definitely scoutlook. Used all last season great app.
  2. Simmshunter

    Are blood trailing dogs legal in Iowa or not?

    Ask a conservation officer this question a week ago and he said technically its not legal as you are using a dog to aid in the hunt since you are still hunting the deer. That being said he still did not have a problem with using one to track a wounded deer. He said for him best to call him and...
  3. Simmshunter

    Best base layer...

    I've been using Core4 merino last couple years and it has preformed very well.Very affordable if you catch it on sale on Camofire.
  4. Simmshunter

    A or B and why?

    I'm with JRudd on this one.
  5. Simmshunter


    I picked up a Garmin Etrex 20 around the first of the year and it's pretty simple to operate and all you really need. It also seems pretty rugged and well built.
  6. Simmshunter

    Worthy of consideration?

    Works for me! Should have been the a requirement along time ago.
  7. Simmshunter

    Quiet Rain gear???

    Just ordered some of the Russell L5 Cyclone gear. Great price on it here. http://shop.kingsoutdoorworld.com/Russell-APXG2-L5-Cyclone-Bundle_p_840.html
  8. Simmshunter

    Iowa AR-15 Company

    http://www.superiorarms.com/ These guys are in Wapello IA.
  9. Simmshunter

    bino harness

    I have the Horn Hunter Bino Hub works real well. Plenty of protection. Really like the system to hold your range finder. https://sophuntinggear.com/Products/HornHunter/HornHunterAccessories/tabid/1019/CatalogItemID/4900/CatalogID/43/psnavcmd/CatalogItemDetails/psmid/1979/Default.aspx
  10. Simmshunter

    Not sure if I would eat it or mount it....

    Definitely needs to trim his toe nails.
  11. Simmshunter

    Alternative to Rage Broadheads while keeping Rage benefits???

    I've had very good luck with Nap 2 blade Bloodrunners(2" cut) in the past. This year I'm trying Ulmer Edges(1.5" cut) and they have worked well so far on a couple antlerless tags I've filled.
  12. Simmshunter

    Super Nova and 887

    Have a regular Nova and my son uses it for a lot of water fowling so it gets drug thru a lot of crap and keep on going. Just clean and shoot.
  13. Simmshunter

    198 4/8 gross Lucky Buck!!

    Welcome! Great deer congrats.
  14. Simmshunter

    What to bring to the hunt

    Only three things I worry about having along when I leave to hunt. My bow,tree harness, and license. If I have those I can hunt.
  15. Simmshunter

    Bachelor Groups?

    Opposite here to. Seen a lot of chasing going on Saturday. They were all young buck nothing mature.
  16. Simmshunter

    Freaky Pic....

    This isn't one of those ink blot pictures. Looks like a couple of face in the picture. Little bit creepy.
  17. Simmshunter

    What the heck is this noise??

    Sounds like screaming beagles to me.
  18. Simmshunter

    2012/2013 Doe count

    Plus one more for 35.
  19. Simmshunter

    what the he**?

    Four more years of him in office scares me to death!
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